Role-play Anyone?

lol if you aren't interested in role-playing then either read below and see if you change your mind or then don't read, but either way Thank you for clicking on this you are sooo sweet!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D Cookies for you!!!!

Chapter 1

Need Suggestions and People :D

So a long while ago, I joined an ANT Farm roleplay and it was loads of fun, but everyone has moved on from that. lol so anyone want to do some type of roleplay? Like from a movie or a tv show? You just create an account of the character that we end up choosing to do the roleplay with, and hopefully other people will do it too. You don't have to get on everyday, lol but hopefully a few times a week. It's just kind of fun to pretend to be someone other than yourself. And you don't have to make a long term commitment lol :) This may only last for a month but who knows it's just kind of fun.

I know that for a while there was a Victorious role-play going on but they haven't gotten on since last year :( and I know there used to be a Hunger Games role-play but I don't know if they're still around.

So anyways, if you are interested, what role-play should we do?

There has to be enough people interested in the idea before we can start it, preferably at least 3 people. :)

So if you're interested then comment below or message me, but commenting might be better so that way other people can see and they might like the idea too. :D

Some suggestions;
Nearly any show on Disney (lol yes I do still watch Disney) except Gravity Falls and Fish Hooks because I don't watch those so I wouldn't know the first thing about them.

We could do a Nick show, but I don't watch all of them. so.. lol :)

Or we could do something totally different then those like from a book or maybe a movie or some other shows lol so just let me know!!!

Thanks for reading!!!! :D:D:D


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