It Rained Until Morning

Inspired by this song:
Listen while reading for optimum... Stuff. Like emotions.

WARNING: I cried, so you might too.

I hope you like it.

Chapter 1

I traced patterns in the condensation. Memories slipped away as my fingers moved, and I knew I'd never see them again. After a moment there was barely even a way to know they were gone.

The rain trailed down the window pane, dark and glistening. It was unearthly.

* * *

My hands moved of their own accord now. Fingers splayed across the window, all the warmth long since taken by the atmosphere. I couldn't hold it in.

The rain never once missed a drop, falling and falling, music. I wouldn't listen anymore.

My body was betraying me. It shouldn't have kept going. There wasn't anything inside it, how could it hold on like this? It wasn't even properly alive. So long as it stayed this way there was nothing.

Nothing for me.

* * *

"Abby." I turned around and smiled.


"I bought you something." He held out a small box to me.

"What is it?"

"Open it."

I took the lid from the box and found a tiny pouch inside. I opened it and tipped it onto my palm. I held it up to the sun and the colours on the bead I was now holding glinted and swam in the light.

"What is it?" I asked again, still looking at the bead.

"It's made of secrets," Kalen said. "Secrets and magic. It was my mother's. She told me to give it to someone I love. I love you."

The bead was light in my hand and Kalen's lips were light on my own.

* * *

"Abby!" I heard as I opened my eyes. I was in my room, with the white walls, the over-sanitised air. My hospital room.

"Kalen?" I tried to sit up and all I felt was black, black pain. I didn't want to sit up.

"It's okay. It's okay. Lie back down, sweetheart. Look, I'll come sit over here, where you can see me a bit better." I relaxed, and the pain subsided a little.

"How... Uh..." It was hard to find the words through so much pain, and what must have been my limit for painkillers. "How am I?" I barely even knew what had happened. I had fragments of the story pieced together. A bright sunny day, perfect really. I wore my new dress, with the beautiful bead made of secrets around my neck. I was going to meet my grandmother. I went into the little shop which sold books and pens and pretty paper and diaries. There was a photo frame made of wood, dark red-brown and carved into dragonflies. My grandmother would love it. I couldn't leave the shop without it. Outside there was a quiet road, with a pedestrian crossing. I stepped out.

After that there was darkness. Quiet. Then it was loud. There were screams and beeps and noises like things banging together. Like wooden spoons on pots. Then it was quiet again, but white.

"You're fine. You're okay. You're gonna be alright. Look, they found this." I didn't know who 'they' was. Kalen held up the photo frame. There was a single split in the wood.

"It's for my grandmother. She'll love it."

"I know. I'm going to take it to her as soon as your dad gets here. He's not far away."

"No. No, Kalen, you have to stay. I need you to stay."

"It's okay, I'll stay. You don't have to worry."

"Thank you," I said, and then it was dark again, and I slept.

* * *

"Abby..." Kalen breathed, and I could hear it from the back of the hall.

"Kalen," I whispered back, knowing he would also hear.

I'd always dreamt of my wedding day, and it was even more perfect that I could have ever thought up. Everyone I loved was there. I wore my mother's dress, satin with beautiful silver and pale blue embroidery. It slid over the wooden floor as I walked to my love, music flowing in the air.

The Autumn rain slid down the windows of the hall, filling puddles and collecting in crevices. I knew they would soak up into my dress, but I couldn't bring myself to mind. The rain was perfect.

I cried at the love that filled me up and overflowed, and I cried at the sparks of hope around me.

* * *
"Ab... Abby... Please."

"Kalen... I can't get you out. I don't know how. I'm sorry. Please, just... Stay with me. You'll be okay. I know you will. You have to be."

"Abby, give it to someone you love."

I cried until the ambulance came. It was all so fast. They cut Kalen out of the car and took him away on a gurney. One of them took my arm and led me to him. I had trouble walking on my own.

I held Kalen's hand. Both of us were terrified. Sometime during while we were in the ambulance Kalen lost consciousness and his hand went limp in my own. I could barely breathe.

I tried to tell them what had happened but I couldn't speak. They worked out what they needed to do without me.

The hospital is entirely blurred. I don't know what happened, aside from being checked for injuries. When they found nothing major I stopped thinking. Refused to think. I knew how bad Kalen had been, I'd seen the blood floating through streams of water outside the car, splashing in the rain. I couldn't bear it.

Kalen died that evening. All I remember is sitting with him, then being taken out so they could operate. Then being let back in.

And then he was gone.

* * *

The rain was pelting down now, days later. I was at my grandmother's. Dad dragged me out of Kalen's house when he saw how much it killed me. He knew I couldn't be alone.

So now I had to endure life. People. The knowledge that my grandmother had out-lived my love. I couldn't help it. Every thought in my mind was what I'd give to have him back.

The rain wouldn't take my offers. As much life as it sucked from my fingers it refused to really take from me.
I didn't know how long it had been night for. Forever. The dark went on and on. On until morning, when I'd be with him again.

He would wish morning would never come, my Kalen. I hated him for it.

* * *

Imogen was born six months after Kalen died. She was the light that I'd needed then.

The rain was beginning to ease up on the windows of the hospital, and I wished it would keep going. The rain was Kalen's. He was almost a part of it, even more now than ever. And now Imogen was as well.

* * *

I cried on Imogen's first birthday. She was sad that I was crying, so I smiled and told her I loved her.

We had cake and dad visited. I cried more when he hugged me.

* * *

On Imogen's thirteenth birthday I gave her the beautiful bead made of secrets. The chain was new, silver and shiny and it reminded me of the embroidery on my wedding dress. The old chain had broken and couldn't be put together. I kept it beside my bed.

Imogen cried with me when I gave it to her. She already knew how important it was. How special.

"Aw, Mum, you're making me really sad now." She said.

"I know, sweetie. I'm sorry. It does look beautiful on you." I smiled. "It's made of secrets, you know. And magic."

"What kind of magic?"

"I don't know, but maybe you'll find out."

"I hope so," She said, and hugged me. I didn't realise I'd started crying again.

* * *

It was raining again. Always raining.

I sat in my home, the same one Kalen and I had picked out decades ago. I could barely remember.

It was night. Early morning. Dark outside.

The Winter wind forced the rain into the window by which I was sitting. I stared at it for hours, letting it slide through my mind, as well as down the window.

As I sat and watched the rain, I let my mind relax, and I fell asleep on the chair.

When I woke up it wasn't raining anymore, and I couldn't hear the wind. Light filtered through the window, showing a figure walking up the path toward the house. I smiled when I saw who it was.

My footsteps were light when I walked to the door to open it, and Kalen's lips were light on my own.

It was a beautiful morning.


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