Hidden Gems On Quibblo

Okay I saw this idea once, I forgot where but its a good idea, so please whoever idea this was first, don't be mad? I would give credit if I remembered who you are.

So there are the great writers and story's that get the attention they deserve, but what about the ones that are exceptional but unknown? Here are Quibblo's hidden gems.

Chapter 3


Okay amazing story so far, no clue how to describe it. It's what I like to call a "puzzle-piece story". See looking at the different parts of the plot of the story while you read, the story makes no sense. But once you get to the end of the story, it all makes sense as you completed the puzzle.

envelope, the author of Firehearts is extremely talented. Seven chapters (well six, she used one for the introduction) and they have only gone though a day. These chapters are long, filled with details. You go in expecting to read a story, but you experience the visuals of a movie.

This story is defiantly a work in progress and I hope it is soon finished. With only 18 reads it is a hidden gem. I just have one thing to war the reader about, the first few chapters are kind of slow and it makes little sense, but persevere and enjoy great literature. Sometimes the best stories are the ones that take a while to get good, look at the classics as an example.

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