Hidden Gems On Quibblo

Okay I saw this idea once, I forgot where but its a good idea, so please whoever idea this was first, don't be mad? I would give credit if I remembered who you are.

So there are the great writers and story's that get the attention they deserve, but what about the ones that are exceptional but unknown? Here are Quibblo's hidden gems.

Chapter 2

Cirque de la Bete

This story, written by NovemberAnonymous is exceptional and surprising. The first chapter was very fast paced and intriguing and made you want more. The second chapter was a surprise, that turn of events was something I think nobody would suspect. Cirque de la Bete doesn't die like most stories, it continues its brilliance.

This story reminds me almost of Beauty and the Beast. The story line is a far cry from the Grimm or Disney version though. The characters are realistic (well as far as there personalities go, it does have fantasy involved). The villain is a sick one, and I think there are two heroines. Yes Keelia was the intended heroine, but Stella is just as strong and as brave as her, if not more.

My only complaint with this story is that it is not finished, I want to see what happens next. With only 24 reads and 23 comments, this is a hidden gem. Read it, comment, rate, and enjoy the spell-binding story NovemberAnonymous weaves in Cirque de la Bete.


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