Hidden Gems On Quibblo

Okay I saw this idea once, I forgot where but its a good idea, so please whoever idea this was first, don't be mad? I would give credit if I remembered who you are.

So there are the great writers and story's that get the attention they deserve, but what about the ones that are exceptional but unknown? Here are Quibblo's hidden gems.

Chapter 1

Off To Neverland: A Modern Day Peter Pan Story

This is an extraordinary story. Now while fan-fictions can be annoying they are a useful tool for begining writers. However this fan-fiction is so different, so unusual it's almost like an original story. I have only seen one Peter Pan fan-fiction and that I am thankful for.

It's different too. Almost like how the TV show Once Upon A Time takes a fairy take character or story and alters it. Peter Pan isn't this jolly little boy, he is a moody, dictorial, love-stuck, obsessive teenage boy. I used to love Peter Pan as a child , this one I want to strangle and it makes the story so much more realistic.

Audrey, I love her. And I usually despise main characters so Roney, you should be honored. Josh I can understand the most, his motives and actions. Tommy, is just downright hilarious.

This story is relatable, original, and is so amazing! I can't understand why it only has 39 reads. This is why "Off To Neverland: A Modern Peter Pan Story" is a hidden gem.

Read it please!


I appolize Roney for taking up your page for this. EVERYBODY: I am open for recommendations of great stories on Quibblo that doesn't have a lot of reads. That doesn't mean it will ever appear here though.

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