Poetry Book

Poetry Book

I'm going to put the date in which I finished these at the bottom of each chapter. If they're dedicated to anyone, I'll either have it above the date or somewhere in the chapter title. More importantly, I thank you for taking time out of your day/week/year/lifetime to browse and read through these. Cheers!

Chapter 1

Prescribed Addction

I sit in my shower
Taking a moment to think
And I realize
Nothing is real

The days slip away
Through my fingers like dust
And I stare blankly
Looking forward
At pointless images

I'm falling
Down the rabbit hole
Into an abyss
Into my own addiction
And I smother myself in its embrace

Sighing I sip
I swallow another pill
One after another
Like an army of ants
To chew my soul

All I need
Is one more fix
Then I'll be fine

I promise, this time.

(Summer of 2010)

Dedicated to my addiction to prescription pills, which I have since overcame.

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