A Fate Like Ours (Dallas Winston love story)

So I just felt like making this cause I've been watching the Outsiders recently and just needed to make one about Dallas Winston! I hope y'all like it!

*All characters belong to S.E. Hinton except mine

Chapter 1

Character info

Name- Aurora Jane Roberts
Age- 17
Nickname- none
Description- 5'5ft, 125 ibs, Bright Blue eyes, dark brown wavy hair, goes to middle of the back. Fair skin
Personality- loving, caring, loves to be with friends, doesn't like being around her family cause they're different than her. She fights for who or what she loves. She can be very very mean to people that try to mess with her.
Family- Mom, dad, younger brother, 16.
Greaser or Socs- considered a Socs but acts like a Greaser
Love interest- Dallas Winston
Basic info: Born in Detroit, Michigan. Lived there for all her life. Was a big trouble maker. She started to rebel when she was 13 All because she got assaulted by her then best friend. He was 16. She feels alone all the time. Then things start to change when her parents decide to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma with her dads sister. She used to go down during the summer to visit her.

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