PRAYER for NATHAN's Mother!! (Sorry to the non-Christians)

PRAYER for NATHAN's Mother!! (Sorry to the non-Christians)

Shout OUT TO NATHAN'S MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please guys....Don't hate on me...I'm just doing it out of kindness for another who is in need....
Sorry if it's pretty short...

Chapter 1

We come in Prayer....

Dear Heavenly Father,
We have come together at this moment to praise your name
We have also gathered together today to thank you Father
Thank You for Your guidance & counselling, thank you for the life and strength you have given us, thank you for the many blessings, gifts and talents that you have given us.
Although there are many times when we have forgotten You, thank you for never forgetting us Father
We also thank you for our Lord, Jesus Christ, who ressurected for the salvation of this world.

Father, please forgive us our sins. Forgive our actions, our words & thoughts that do not according to Your will. Forgive our unfaithfulness & disloyalty that we have shown many times.

Father, you have heard the plead of one of your children, who wishes You heal his sick mother. We all know that you are the Healer of all healers, so God, please answer his prayers. Please heal her spiritually & physically, and make sure the surgery goes well.
We also pray that you heal all sicknesses out there and bless each of us individually.

In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray.


(Well, that's my short prayer. I'm hoping this helps & I really do hope your mother's surgery goes well! Nathan, be STRONG!!!! Have faith and patience!!!!)


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