Opaque - Original Rebellion Story

Anna James lives in a world where there is a Dictator who makes Catchers. Catchers are spies in the society, they turn in rebels or people who are potential rebels. Anna's problem is that she's a Catcher. But what makes her different? And could she be the one to lead everyone into a rebellion? Or will she be stopped?

Here is an amazing prologue written by harrypotterules549 that goes along with this story:


Hope you like it!
~ Lexi :)

Chapter 1


She opened her eyes. Now that She could see, she took in everything that was around her. She was in a small chamber with tiled mosaic walls and floor. The ceiling seemed to be made out of plastic. In front of her was a rack of many hair and skin products.

She was sitting on a chair that was built into the floor.

"Your number, please," a robotic voice said.

"#72681759475," She said, without hesitation.

"Your hairstyle, clothing, and name have been chosen, #72681759475. Processing...," it said as it thought.

All of a sudden, two long metal cords with metal hands on them slid out of the wall in front of her.

One had a comb and the other had scissors. A shower head popped up and started, it had the perfect temperature of water.

She closed her eyes and sighed. She felt the robot arms working away at her hair, which reached the floor, and hair-products and chemicals fizz and bubble on her head.

Soon, it was over. She opened her eyes and saw long strips of her dark hair laying on the ground. Her hair now fell just past her shoulders, and she touched it. It was soft, but felt chemically treated.

The water stopped flowing on her and the robot blow-dried her hair.

"Please stand up," the voice said and She obeyed.

Before she knew what had happened, she found herself in skinny jeans, a sky blue blouse, and a scarf. She wore brown leather boots with heels, and a metal bracelet with her ID number that was disguised as a friendship bracelet.

The robot arms held up a mirror for her to see. Her dark hair was naturally wavy, and faded to a lighter brown at the ends. Her eyes were dark and intelligent. She also had a little make-up on. When did that happen? She wondered.

Shrugging it off, she smiled. Her teeth were perfect.

"Analyzing name and flaws...," the robot voice said.

A door that She had not seen slid open in the wall, and She stepped into another chamber, this one all white. In front of her was an oak door with many intricate carvings on it.

The door slid open with a hiss as the robotic voice spoke.

"Flaws: short height, small feet." The voice fell silent.

Then, the voice came back again in a few moments.

She smiled; her name was perfect.

"Welcome to the world, Anna James."

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