Star Dazzle Academy

Name: Emily Marshall
Birthday: January, 6 2001
Physical Description: short, straight, brown hair and brown eyes
Family: Mum, Dad, younger sister Lily
Home: Australia
BFF: Audrey Marshall, Brigdette Marshall (cousins of Emily), Alice Cole, Sarah Greenwood, Isabel Swington
colors: pink and orange
animals: owls and horses
movies: Harry Potter
books: Harry Potter, Little Women

Chapter 1

The Spectacular News

Tip: It is always fun to spend time with your cousins.

Sunday, May 9
Dear diary,
Hi, my name is Emilie Marshall and I'm 11 years-old in 5th grade. I live in Australia with my mum, my dad and my younger sister Lilly, 9 years-old who is in 3rd grade. She has long, brown, straight hair, brown eyes and I have short, brown hair, brown eyes and purple glasses.
Since I was little, my favorite color was always orange. I also like the color pink. My favorite animals are owls and horses. My favorite books and movies are the Harry Potter series and I also love to watch Downton Abbey. I love One Direction and Lady Gaga. I take broadway, jazz, tap, ballet and piano lessons once a week. My favorites are piano and tap. I can also sing.
I have been in lots of plays at school. I also do plays at the end of the summer in the summer camp I go to. I love acting so much, but I prefer dancing.

"Hi Mum," I say when I get home from school with Lilly on Monday. I only live one block from school, so Mum lets me walk home by myself with Lilly. I go right to the fridge to get a snack. So does Lilly. She then goes to her room to do her homework. I do my homework on the coffee table in the living room. I eat my snack while I'm doing it.
"Emi," calls Mum, but I’m barely paying attention.
"You know your cousins Bridgette and Alice and Audrey and Noah are coming over for dinner," says Mum and when I hear the name of my cousins I’m suddenly interested.
"What they are?!" I yell, because I love my cousins Bridgette, Alice, Audrey and Noah. I finish my homework as quick as I can and tell Lilly. She is as excited as me. It's still early so I decide to practice my piano. I have a piano in the living room.

Later I go up to my bedroom( and start writing in my diary:

Friday, May 14
Dear diary,
I am so happy Auds and Bridgey are coming over for dinner tonight! They are the same age as me, but they don’t go to the same school. Bridgey has an older sister, Alice, 15. Bridgey has red, short and curly hair and green eyes and freckles. Auds has a younger brother Noah, 10. She has long, brown and curly hair. Her eyes are green.

The doorbell! They are here!
"Auds, Noah! Bridgey, Alice!" Lilly and I yell together as I we go to hug them.
"Emi! Lilly!" they yell together. I guess they were as excited as we were.
"Hello Aunt Alene. Hello Uncle Brucie. Hello Aunt Ally. Hello Uncle Garry."
"Hello girls," they say as Lilly and I hug them, but it doesn't last long because we quickly go over and start talking to our cousins. We are all taking about Middle School and having to change schools.
"Hello girls," says Dad as he walks in from work. "Sorry to be late."
"No problem," says Aunt Alene. Dad is an author and a journalist.
"Should we tell them?" I hear Dad whisper to Mum.
"Tell us what?" I say.
"Well," says Mum and sits down on the couch next to me, "Since most of you are going to change schools next year I found the perfect school where all three of you can go." I'm excited already.
"It’s an acting and boarding school in London, England called Star Dazzle Academy. It's an all girls school," explains Dad.
"An acting school!" we all yell at the same time except Noah because he doesn't seem interested.
"You have tap, broadway, jazz, singing and acting class twice a week. The rest of the time is for real school work. Every year, they put on a play and everyone is in it," says Mum, "The school goes from 6th grade to 12th grade and to get in you need have an audition."
"Where did you find this?" asks Bridgey.
"I found it on the internet a month ago," she replies.
"A month ago?!" I say.
"I told your dad. He liked the school. I also told Bruce, Alene, Ally and Garry. They liked it as well. We were talking about it for a long time and finally decided to tell you when all of us were together," she explains.
"There is another side to the school that is all for boys. The auditions are on July 11 and you have to dance whatever tap, jazz and braodway steps they tell you. You also have to sing a song you memorize and bring the sheet music so someone can play as you sing along. If you want, you can even play the song on an instrument. They even have a piano, Emi.
After, you are going to recite a monologue that you have learned by heart," says Aunt Ally.
"For dance class the uniform is a red leotard and pants, light pink tights, pink skirt, light pink leg warmers if you want and light pink sweater if you want. For singing, acting and normal class you have to wear a red collored shirt, grey skirt, red knee high socks for the girls and black shoes. ( Over a hundred girls tryout, but they only take the twenty best girls. We have to send in an application form with important information and we’ll do it tonight,” says Aunt Alene and Dad goes into a long talk with Mum, Uncle Bruce, Aunt Alene, Uncle Garry and Aunt Ally about the application.
During dinner Auds, Bridgey, Lilly, Alice and I can’t stop talking about the school.
"I hope we all get in and if we do I hope we are together in a room," I say.
"Me too." replies Auds and Bridgey nods.
"Luck," says Lilly, "I want to go there when I'm in middle school."
"You'll have to audition first and i'm a bit nervous about it," says Bridgey.
"Don't worry, it'll all be fine," says Alice.

After dinner, I go up to my room to think about Star Dazzle Academy. I take out my diary and start writing.

Same day
Dear diary,
I LOVE how Star Dazzle Academy sounds, but I don't want to leave Australia and my friends here. Although I do like that Auds, Bridgey and I might get in together. Mum said we are going to London July 9 and staying there until we hear the news if we get in or not. I can't wit until we go to London because I've never been and I've always wanted to go there.

I put on my pajamas and get into bed. I turn of the light and go right to sleep.

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