Quotes by Julie

A small compilation of things I've found myself saying/writing/thinking over the years...
I will be on Quibblo more this summer!

Chapter 1

Part 1

A nice teacher teaches with his brain and interacts with his students through his heart.
A smart teacher interacts with his students with his brain and teaches with his heart. 

You simply cannot compare your current self with your past or former self. You will only see all of the flaws. 

I don't know...or care, for that matter. 

Sometimes you just have to cry your feelings out. Alone, where there is  nobody feeling obligated to comfort you. 

I want to set you on fuego.

When you look deep into your own eyes through a mirror, you are really just looking into your self. If you startled by it, then maybe you should look deeper into who you truly are. 

Will you just shut your face for five seconds? 

Hate is a strong word...but so is love. 


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