This is not just another super-hero story. That's all I'm going to put up here. If you want to know more, READ IT. Warning: Spanish may not be the most accurate, since I'm only in Spanish 1.

Chapter 1

Christian Pena

To me, life's not worth anything without some kind of adventure. I've always been told my whole life to stay back, Christian. Don't do anything stupid, Christian. Always do what you're told, Christian. Though there's no adventure in a life with restrictions.

Today was just a normal field trip to Tenochtitlan, or now known as Mexico City. We were going to the Aztec temples to study Ancient Human Civilizations. Mrs. Hernandez's field trips were known to be the most boring, pain aching forms of torture known to man.

The temples were amazing to look at. They were like mini pyramids of Egypt. Mrs. Hernandez walked us up to one of the tallest structures. With her low raspy voice, she said,

"This is the Pyramid of the Sun, the tallest structure in Tenochtitlan. Its over 246 feet tall and predates to about 100 AD. It is made with lime plaster, people. Very interesting. Lots of murals have been painted on the structure, depicting many stories...."

I started to zone out. Hugo, one of my best friends since grade 1, nudged me in the shoulder, He pointed towards the temple. "C'mon dude. Let's get out of here."

The offer was very tempting. I've always wanted to see inside an Aztec temple. But there was one catch. "What about Mrs. Hernandez, wouldn't she notice?"

Hugo picked up a rock, and bounced it around in his hand. He threw it at her and she started looking around everywhere. "What the? Where'd that chicken nugget come from?"

"We're good" Hugo answered and started walking away. I didn't want to be left behind, so I ran with him, towards the stairs. Hugo started climbing up the Pyramid of the Sun, and I hesitantly followed him.

"Detén! Detén!" Someone yelled at us. An officer was pointing at us. I looked at Hugo, and he yelled "RUN!"

I was confused, we were usually allowed to climb the temple, it wasn't illegal. We did it all the time. Now we had police officers chasing us! This was madness

"Conseguir que los ninos!" The officer yelled at us. Soon enough tons of men in black suits were surrounding the temple. We kept running up, we couldn't go back down. "

I've heard rumors that there were underground tunnels, so if we could find them, then we can get out safely." I recalled.

Hugo gave me a nod, we started heading up faster, now that we had grown adults chasing us, slowly coming closer. We were very close to the top, but with officers behind us.

The ground was a lot softer than usual at the top. It was slowly crumbling under our feet. We were just about to make it when Hugo tripped, falling straight on his kneecap. The ground was a lot softer than usual at the top. I grabbed his arm and pulled him up. We were just about to run when someone yelled at us, "Detén. No es seguro aquí. El suelo es demasiado suave. Por favor, ven conmigo."

I just looked at Hugo. We both knew what we had to do. We slowly got up, and walked toward the officer. The ground kept getting weaker with every step we took. The officer could feel it too, his face getting scared with every step we took. More officers kept catching up, but the one kept yelling "Quedarse atrás!"

It was only about 5 more steps toward the officer. It was getting really tense. 4 more steps. I could feel the ground shaken. 3 more steps. A crack appeared in the ground. The officer was yelling at us to jump. Hugo and I looked at each other, trying to decide if that was a good idea. We took one more step. More cracks appeared, it wouldn't hold another step. We had to jump.

I was hesitant to do so. Though it was the only way to safety. I bent my knees, and we were going to jump when the officer said 3. "Uno, Dos, Tres!"

Hugo jumped, but I had a sudden change of heart. The ground below me crumbled, and I fell, straight through the Pyramid of the Sun. The hole grew bigger, and the officer and Hugo fell too.

The impact blew my head, blood was everywhere. "HUGO!" I called out. "OFFICER!" There was no response! "HUGO!" I called once again. There was still no response.

I started crying, and once again yelled "HUGO!" There was still no response! I cried, harder than I ever had. An officer started hoisting himself down toward me, grabbing me when he got to me! We started going up, but all I could do keep calling out for my two fallen companions. There was never a response. I looked down, and I saw, this medallion. Just before I was out of reach, I grabbed It, so I'd never forget, what I had done.

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