I'm not afraid! (Sirius Black)

Okay I know another fan fiction but this time it isn't One Direction!
So this is set in the maurders era seeing as I have recently read so many Sirius Black fan fictions.
If I make any mistakes please tell me. I am no potter head but there is certain characters in Harry Potter that I love. Such as the Weasley twins and Sirius! XD
So the main character is called Louise Star. She is a metamorphagus and her hair changes colour with her mood.

Chapter 3


I woke up to somebody shouting.
I covered my ears as my hair turned pink with rage.
"HELLO!" i screamed over the noise without opening my eyes "SOME PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO SLEEP HERE!"
"Sorry Louise" one muttered.
I curiously opened my eyes. Who knew my name? I glanced up to see the boys from earlier with Remus looking apologetic.
"It's alright" I grinned my hair returning to Blue.
"Are you a metamorphous?" James asked grinning.
"Yeah it changes with my mood or I can control it" I grinned.
"What does blue mean?"
"Excited or happy" I grinned.
"Your happy to see us?" Sirius said wrapping his arm around my shoulder.
I knocked his arm off quickly and glared at him.
"I take it pink means angry?" James laughed.
I nodded turning my hair into a rich brown to suit my top and jeans.
"You don't mind us sitting here do you?" Remus asked.
"Not at all!" I grinned.
"Good because I couldn't bear to leave you" Sirius said causing me to roll my eyes.
"Well what were you shouting about when I woke up?" I asked raising an eyebrow. Well attempting to but failing.
"Well..." James started
"I was..." Sirius continued.
"Saying that you..." James said.
Remus rolled his eyes "Sirius was saying that you are going to go out with Sirius and I was saying not to be so arrogant so they said I was jealous." He said quickly.
"Idiot!" I said at Sirius. I really didn't like him but Peter, James and Remus still seemed cool.
"You will" Sirius muttered under his breath so I only just heard him.
I slapped the back of his head quickly. He was really arrogant!
After a while of talking to the boys a girl came round.
"Hello? Is it alright if I sit here?" The ginger hair girled asked.
"Sure babe" James spoke.
And he just went down in my ratings.
"You can sit with me" I grinned at her.
"Thanks" she smiled at me.
"So what houses does everyone want to be in?" Peter asked nervously. It was the first time I had heard him speak.
"Gryfindor! Where the brave dwall at heart" James said quickly.
"My whole family has been in Slytherin I am never going to follow that trend!" Sirius began in disgust "I want to be in Gryfindor"
"Ravenclaw or Gryfindor will be just fine" Remus said.
"Peter?" James prodded "Louise? Lily?"
"I want to be with you guys" Peter said.
"My family has always been in Ravenclaw so I'll probably end up there" I shrugged.
"We asked wher do you want to be not where do you think you will be!" James laughed.
"We all know she wants to be with me" Sirius said wrapping an arm around my shoulder which i lifted of and placed on his lap.
"I would rather like Gryfindor, it is the red house, the coolest colours" i grinned making Lily laugh.
"I din't care where i am i mean i wiuld rather nit be with you toe rags but the houses dont effect who you are" she shrugged.
"Deep" I said with a straight face before bursting out laughing.
"You are not a toerag though Louise" Lily smiled at me making me laugh as James pouted.
"We should go and het changed Lily" I grinned.
"Sure thing" Lily saud grabbing her robes while I grabbed mine.
We paraded down to the toilets laughing the whole way.

After we had changed we decided to get our own carraige or any away from the 'toerags' so I charmed my stuff and Lightening to come to me before me and Lily found a carraige with just one boy in it.
The boy had extremely greesy hair and a crooked nose but that is no way to judge him.
We knocked on the door amd said hello.
He actually seemed really nice. He was quiet and in all balck but seemd to be quite happy despite his appearance.
After he introduced himself as Severous we had a long chat about houses and potions as well as Defence against the dark arts.
All of which he seemed very intrested in.

The train pulled up and a giant man called Brian shouted for all the first years to follow him.
He led us to some boats and it was five to a boat.
While I was looking for somebody for me, Lily and Severous to shre with someone covered my eyes with a scarf and picked me up before placing me in a boat.
I ripped of the make-shift blindfold to reveal James, Remus, Peter and of course the boy who carried me, Sirius.
"Idiot" I said annoyed "I wanted to go with my friends"
"Aren't we your friends" James pouted and gave me puppy eyes.
"Me and Louise are more then friends" Sirius said causing him to have a sudden force oush him out of the boat in the middle of the lake.
i definately did not push him. Nope not at all.
James burst out laughing and Remus grinned at me.
"Remus and Peter might be my friends but you James, and Sirius there are slimeballs" I said.
"Praise the lord!" Remus said "I'm not the only one who sees it"
I laughed and hi fived Remus.
"But you will admit you are actually our friend" James interjected.
"Well yeah but your still slime balls" Remus laughed.
James helped Sirius back in who then sat as close to me as possible, getting me soaking wet.
I rolled my eyes and said a wandless charm drying myself and the side of Sirius that was touching me.
The boats pulled up to the castle everyone was saying was beautiful and I raced out quickly to get away from Sirius.
The castle wasn't that pretty. I mean it was grand and everything but it seemed too cozy.
I like fear.
I ran over to Lily and stood with her as we walked into the hallway where we were greeted by a stern looking lady. She was rather young to be a teacher and I could tell she was going to stay at Hogwarts for a long time. There was just something about her.
She explained how we would be sorted after walking into the hall. I just stopped listening already knowing all this. I closed my eyes and thought of my mum.
I am going to make you proud no matter what!

"STAR LOUISE" Magonagol called as I now knew the stern looking lady.
I glanced around noticing that all the boys were in Gryfindor along with Lily while Sirius was in Slytherin.
I did a forward roll as I ran up to the hat. It didn't scare me because like Lily said it doesn't really change anything.

" aha an intresting brain you have" the hat begain whispering.
Thank you Sir Hattamos I thought back.
The hat chuckled loudly earning many stares.
ravenclaw blood and you too are extremly clever" it continued.
If you say so
"but yet you have great wit"
your making this so hard, your very skilled in occlumency i can't find much in your brain" it said
trained from a young age my friend I laughed in my head.
"yet from your actions I would say Bravery os one of your stronger attributes" the hat pindered over it's words "GRYFINDOR!"
The table that sat Lily and Remus collapsed into cheers making me grin.
I ran over to the table and sat on Lily's lap making the boys laugh as she oushed me off.

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