I'm not afraid! (Sirius Black)

Okay I know another fan fiction but this time it isn't One Direction!
So this is set in the maurders era seeing as I have recently read so many Sirius Black fan fictions.
If I make any mistakes please tell me. I am no potter head but there is certain characters in Harry Potter that I love. Such as the Weasley twins and Sirius! XD
So the main character is called Louise Star. She is a metamorphagus and her hair changes colour with her mood.

Chapter 2

The Hogwarts Express

"LOUISE!" My father shouted in a panic trying to get me out of the room.
I was frozen to the spot.
I stared at the sight before me. I cried. The first time I cried since I was four and I bawled.
I couldn't help it as my legs gave out and I fell to the floor in a heap. I couldn't fight against my father as he dragged me slowly out of the room.
But he wasn't quick enough. As I stared at her she died.
My mother. Gone. Dead.
I knew it was coming.
I was prepared.
I just didn't think it would be so soon.
I missed her already.
Her body lay on the floor.
When Father saw she was dead he gave up on moving my body as it shook in tears and hugged me instead. He rubbed circles in my back.
I soaked his tee with my tears and my body shook.
My mother.
My mum.
My mummy.
Never to speak again.
Was it painful for her? No. She just bled out in her sleep.
I saw her die.
I saw it with my own eyes yet I couldn't do a thing.
I was helpless.
Was that a good thing?
Who would I be if I toyed with life and death?
I would be evil! Nobody has the right to change what is said to be.
My hair had turned into a deep black. The kind of black that would swallow you whole.
It was the colour of devastation.
Something I had never felt before that time when I was just eleven years old.
But I would feel it again over the years.
I stopped suddenly.
I needed to be strong.
I turned my hair blonde yet black streaks remained in my hair because I couldn't cover the emotion completely.
I stood up. My father watched me not saying a word.
I walked up to my room and I went to bed.

I woke up in my bed.
My father had been grieving for the last two weeks while I had been looking after myself. I missed my mother.
But there was nothing that could bring her back.
I had to be strong for my father's sake. I had to be strong to make my mother proud.
I climbed out of bed got dressed in some brown skinny jeans with a leopard print top.
I smiled as I made my eye lashes longer and my lips redder. I made my cheeks rosier and my hair longer and styled the fluorescent orange hair into a plait.
Fluorescent orange, for loneliness.
I picked up Lightening stroking her feathers and smiled. I would not be sad! I would be happy! I was starting Hogwarts and I would not let anything upset me. Not even being halfway to being an orphan.
I gathered my things for Hogwarts and made my dad his breakfast.
I wasn't hungry but I made my dad a light breakfast seeing as he was pretty much unable to take care of himself now.
I hoped he was okay while I was away at Hogwarts!
I sighed and took some flu powder.
"Bye dad"
I stepped into the fire with all my luggage I might add! Speaking the name "King's cross station"
I stepped out into the muggle train station smiling as I saw crowds of people pass looking strangely at my blue hair.
I laughed and ran to platforms nine and ten. Father had told me all about how to get to Hogwarts and everything as a child and I casually did a forward roll pushing my luggage through the wall like the amazing person I am,
Many wizzards laughed at me on the other side as I bashed into a big crowd of boys.
I grinned "hello I am Louise first year" I grinned to the boys acting like I hadn't just bashed into them.
"Hello Louise, I am your future boyfriend" said one "also a first year"
One of the boys rolled his eyes "I am Remus Lupin, that flirt is Sirius" he shot me an apologetic look.
I laughed "and you are?" I asked turning to the others.
"James Potter, and that is Petter" he said guesturing to the last boy.
"Aha well I better get a carriage" I grinned looking at the Scarlet train with bold letters saying THE HOGWARTS EXPRESS!
They nodded and I went off.
I found a nice empty compartment to myself at the back of the train and let Lightening out of her cage. She flew eagerly to my shoulder.
"Hello buddy" I grinned at her smiling a genuine smile.
She rubbed her face against my cheek showing affection as I stroked her fur.
I fell asleep as she flew back into her cage and I was sprawled out in the carraige seeing as it was another hour before the train left.
My hair returned to it's natural brown as I drifted to sleep.

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