I'm not afraid! (Sirius Black)

Okay I know another fan fiction but this time it isn't One Direction!
So this is set in the maurders era seeing as I have recently read so many Sirius Black fan fictions.
If I make any mistakes please tell me. I am no potter head but there is certain characters in Harry Potter that I love. Such as the Weasley twins and Sirius! XD
So the main character is called Louise Star. She is a metamorphagus and her hair changes colour with her mood.

Chapter 10

Flying free

I flew around Hogwarts a few times but it was too clear that it was me, after all it's not like I was an animangus just yet, only a metamorphagus so it was still my body just with wings attached.

I flew over the forbidden woods and gazed down, I kept flying until I came across the whomping Willow. It attempted to knock me down but i flew around it laughing as i avoided it's branches with ease. I loved flying.

I swooped down and through the hole in the bottom of the old tree to find a house at the end of a tunnel.

The house was falling apart and had scratches all over the walls, the bright yellow paint was obviously new but the scratches were newer. I gasped as I felt the walls, it was like an adventure.

[[Super short update because it has been so long, i am trying to decide whether to delete this story or not]]

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