I'm not afraid! (Sirius Black)

Okay I know another fan fiction but this time it isn't One Direction!
So this is set in the maurders era seeing as I have recently read so many Sirius Black fan fictions.
If I make any mistakes please tell me. I am no potter head but there is certain characters in Harry Potter that I love. Such as the Weasley twins and Sirius! XD
So the main character is called Louise Star. She is a metamorphagus and her hair changes colour with her mood.

Chapter 1

Diagon Alley

I woke up to the sound of my alarm.
I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs praying today my Hogwarts letter would come.
I come from a family of wizards and witches so I understand all of this. I love magic and my father has been teaching me wandless magic from a very young age.
I excel in transfigurations and I am an illegal animagus. Mine is a cheetah. My father (who is the ony one who knows that I am an animagus) says that explains why I am such a fast runner.
As I skipped down the stairs I screamed in joy when I saw that my letter indeed had finnaly arrived as I saw it clutched in my mother's hand.
My mother herself was a witch but she could no longer use magic as she was too weak. She had a terminal condition, and we knew her life would come to an end soon.
I saw tears of joy cascade down my bothers face and the salty water sank between her lips.
I ran over to her smiling. "I got in?" I questioned even though I knew I had.
She nodded smiling herself.
I did a happy dance making my mother chuckle slightly before she ignited into coughing. I ceased my dance at once and rushed to her side.
She smiled weakly "I am fine dear. Go and get dressed then your father can take you to get your supplies in Diagon Alley." She spoke in a hoarse voice while handing me the list of supplies.
I looked at her curiously. "Go I will still be here when you get back!" She laughed.
The truth was, we didn't know whether that was true. She could die any day now and I wanted to be with her, though I know my father and mother did not want me to see death.
I cautiosly walked upstairs and got dressed into some red skinny jeans and a blue and white striped top.
I concentrated on turning my hair into a richer brown then it was naturally but added red tips to the ends.
Once I was content with my apoearance (not having the need for makeup being a metamorphus) I skipped back downstairs to hug my father.
"Mum wants you to take me shopping" I grinned at him excited once more as my hair turned blue with my excitement clutching the list tightly.
My father laughed lightly. At the time I was too young to realise just how fake that laugh really was.
"Then let's go!" He declared grabbing my hand and a key to our volt before apparating me to the wonderful place we call Diagon Alley.
"We will get you your money first then we can go to any of the shops you need to go to" He grinned.
I nodded with excitement as I skipped to Gringotts bank with my blue hair blowing in the wind and my father trailing behind me.
The bank was deathly quiet as the goblins worked.
I smiled at all of them yet none of them returned the smile. It didn't bother me much, I had been here before yet I would always try to make a goblin smile. I was young and niave and I wanted everyone to be happy. I know now that there must always be distress in the world somewhere, both in the wizzarding world and the muggle world.
My father grinned my hand tightly and walked up to a desk at the end were one goblin stood waiting.
"Volt 222" my father spoke clearly.
"Key?" The goblin spoke just one word and it's harsh voice annoyed me. Nobody should speak to my father like that! I didn't say anything because my father had told me what kind of creature a goblin is yet I refused and still refuse to believe all goblins are like that. I do not believe in stereotypes and I never shall.
I smiled as we were taken to my volt. Our family was rich, mot overly so but rich all the same. I had my own volt while my father and mother had several of their own. With my mother having always worked as a healer when she was in health and my father had an unusual job for a wizzard as a sweet creater. Yes my father was involved in creating Bertie Bott's every flavoured beans, chocolate frogs and all kinds of things.
I walked into my volt and collected a large handful of coins with my father doing the same.
As soon as I was back above ground in the beautiful alley I was desperate to get a wand.
I ran as fast as I could dragging my father behind me. Like I already said I am an extremely fast runner and I am not going to deny it.
My father was out of breathe as I stopped outside the old shop. It looked so beautiful and I sighed as I took in the wonderful sight.
"You going to go in or what?" My father chuckled.
I laughed and skipped over to the door pushing it open letting the bell echo throughout the building.
Within secounds a man appeared at the counter smiling.
"Ah a Star" he grinned.
"Louise Star" I repplied happily.
"Yes yes ofcourse. I guess you are here for your first wand?" He asked grinning.
"Of course Mr. Ollivander" I grinned.
"Let's see" he spoke as he spun to grab a wand.
"Vine wood, 10 inches, pheonix hair, pliable" he said as he handed me a wand.
I grinned as I picked it up and gave it a quick swish.
My smile fadded and my hair turned purple as Mr. ollivandar was lifted off the ground and thrown into a shelf.
"I AM SO SORRY!" I yelped in horror returning the wand quickly to it's place.
"Not to worry dear" He sighed as he pushed himself up and waved his own wand to relieve his pain and fix the shelf.
"That obviously wasn't the wand for you" he chuckled as he spun around to look for another one.
He smiled as he picked one up.
"I see such strong magic in you I wonder whether this one will work" He smiled slowly bring the wand to me.
I waved it quickly and the room lit up as I felt a surge of enrgy travel through me.
"Perfect" Ollivader grinned "Cherry wood, 10 1/4 inch, veela hair, quiet rigid" he said smiling at me.
I admired the wand carefully. "How much will that be?"
"Ten galleons my dear" he grinned.
After we exchanged hands I secured my wand carefully grinning and my hair turned red with blue once again.
I dragged my father once again as I ran around all the shops collecting the supplies I would need always leaving my father out of breathe.
"One last stop" he grinned. At the time I could not have seen how forced that smile really was, I couldn't see the tears behind his eyes so I continued to grin with my hair ignited in blue.
"Lts get you a pet" he grinned his forced smile.
I jumped in the air with joy as I ran to get a myself an animal.
I wondered in the shop and looked around carefully. I didn't fancy a rat, nor a spider. Not a cat or a toad. I knew all I wanted was an owl and when I lay eyes on the bird I knew I had to get her.
I walked over to the red owl with unusual stripes on her body.
"Do you want to come home with me?" I asked the beauty.
It jumped from it's perch and on to my arm happily in reply.
I chuckled and bought her.
"What are you going to name her?" My dad asked as we walked out.
"I was thinking I would name her Cherry" I said making my father smack his head, "darling i know you are obbsessed with them but can you not think of a better name for an owl then a fruit" he chuckled.
I pouted slightly "i am not obbsessed but I guess lightening is more fitting" I sighed to him.
He laughed but agreed. "Come on Louise smile!" He cheered.
I grinned once more but my hair was now back to the rich brown colour with red ends I had designed this morning.
My father aparated me and all my belonging back to the house and I began to pack for Hogwarts straight away even though I still had weeks to prepare.

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