Lord of the Rings-30 questions

Here's is another repost from the fabulous SevsTrueLoveAlways. Keep on rocking, girl!!
Spoiler Alert!!
30 questions-Lotr style..Here we go!

Chapter 1

A Repost

1) Your Favorite Book
The Fellowship of the Ring. There were so many tiny details that I really enjoyed. The small quotes that I found humorous were amazing! It really painted a picture in my mind of my favorite world. I especially liked reading about Moria.

2) Your Least Favorite Book
The Two Towers. It was very confusing in some parts, and it started off very slow. But I bawled my eyes out at the end. It was just epic how Tolkien could bend my emotions like that.

3) Your Favorite Character
Umm...In the books, it was Sam and Pippin, but in the movies it was Frodo.

4) Your Favorite Villain
The Ringwraiths, especially the Witch-King.

5) Your Saddest Moment
At the end of the book Two Towers when Sam is talking to Frodo after he thinks he's been killed by Shelob and realizes that he has to go on without Frodo.

6) Your Favorite Fellowship Member
Sam, Frodo, and Gandalf.

7) Your Least Favorite Fellowship Member
Legolas. Sorry, but he's overrated. = /

8) Your Favorite Race
Hobbits are adorable ^__^

9) Your Least Favorite Race
Men. I mean come on; they are so normal!

10) Your Favorite Country/Location
The Shire. It's so green!

11) Most Handsome Character
I love Frodo and Faramir and Pippin. And young Bilbo. Attractive men all around. ;)

12) Most Beautiful Character
EOWYN!!! She is one kick-butt character!

13) Most Missed Dead Character
Boromir, Balin, I know it's weird, but Saruman,....or Thorin. I did say spoiler alert, right?

14) Your Favorite Credits Song
Into the West is the best. (Hey that rhymed!) It makes me cry, and miss Frodo, though. :'(

15) Your Favorite Battle
The battle of Pelennor Fields. EPIC.

16) Your Favorite Elf
Elrond, but Galadriel's kinda growing on me, too.

17) Your Favorite Gondorian
Faramir, but in the books, Beregond is my favorite.

18) Your Favorite Rohanian
Eowyn. Enough said.

19) Your Favorite Ring
Nenya, the Ring of Adamant, wielded by Galadriel.

20) Where You Would Live
I'd live in the Shire, but I would go on adventures all the time :)

21) Funniest Moment
Well..I think the funniest moment for me is when Pippin says, "Besides, you need people of intelligence on this sort of...mission...quest...thing!" And Merry says, "Well that rules you out, Pip!" In the books though, it's when the Hobbits are singing Bilbo's bath time song when they're in Buckland, amd Pippin pretty much dumps the contents of his bath all over the floor.

22) Most Emotional Moment
There were a lot. In the books, it was when Sam thought Frodo was dead after he got attacked by Shelob. I cried for days :'( In the movie, it's when Sam nearly drowns. And when Frodo says, "I'm glad you're with me Sam, at the end of all things." And when Frodo leaves for the Grey Havens...and...okay I'll stop.

23) Most Used Quote
"What about second breakfast?" and "Must have the Precious!" X)

24) Preferred Mode of Transportation
I prefer riding on the eagles :)

25) Your Favorite Skill
Legolas' horse mounting skills, and Merry's pony riding skills.

26) Your Favorite Wizard
Radagast and Gandalf.

27) Your Favorite Dwarf

28) Your Favorite Hobbit
YOU MAKE ME CHOOSE!!?? Uh, uh, uh, uh, well...Pippin and Sam in the books and Frodo in the movies.

29) Your Favorite Elvish Wood

30) Your Favorite Mountain
Mount DOOM.


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