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Chapter 1

Happiness in Death

she used to be happy
she used to be in love
her heart was still
whole and pure and

she couldnt stop smiling
hoping that this love
would last

she was so sure he loved her
when he pulled her into
his warm sweet embrace
so unaware of the black lies

he told her he loved her
he would always
love her

he fed her lies
of a fantasy
that was secretly
dark and cruel

he left her so suddenly
left her in raindrops
of the black blood
of his breathing lies

she hated herself
she loved him still
she tried to find the flaw
but never succeeded

she was dark now
her tears of grey slowing
her blood of red spilling
her knife of gold stabbing

she dropped to the floor
in utter pain and agony
in red in black in grey
the bleeding never slowing

though she couldnt
bring herself to regret
breaking her own heart
falling for her own trick

she died slowly
the physical pain
and the inner pain

not able to move or speak
she died alone
in red in black in grey

oh, how they were wrong
pain is always better than nothing
than death, they had told her
she longed for numbness
for a silent heart
she longed for white

at last she had died
her pain was gone
she thought she would
feel better
but she was empty
and alone

white wasnt as good
as she thought
she was dead, but white

she emerged from her
body of black and red
horrified as she looked
but the damage was done

it was too late
they couldnt save her now
she couldnt save herself
no one could

she had carelessly
let her life slip away
so unaware that
it would end this way

she watched as
a single tear ran
down her dead cheek
and her last breath
danced through her lips

she wailed but
no sound
not even a whisper
came out of her white lips

they found her then
her body of red
with so many cuts
and black scars
in her hand
her knife of gold
that had ended her life
did her away

no one cried
no one said anything
they didnt run for help
they didnt try to wake her
only wrapped her in a cloth
and carried her away

she watched
she stood
not able to do anything
but follow
and watch

they cleaned her body
covered the damage
dressed her up
made her pretty

they placed her in the casket
not saying a word
not caring at all
and she just watched

she was so lost inside
so empty-no not empty
only filled with hate
darkness and pain
she was broken

the funeral was slow
nobody cried
because nobody cared
she was not missed
had they known
she woud end like this?
that she would hurt herself like this?

they didnt care
they knew
but they didnt stop her
good riddance
they would all say

she watched and waited
he showed up
he didnt cry
only plotted with his lies
plotting for the next victim

they buried her quickly
then they left
not one person lingered

that was when she saw him
he was like her
he was dead
but he was blue and light
she was white and dark

he smiled and held out his hand
forgetting her hatred
her pain and tears
she grabbed his hand
as she turned blue

she forgot her life
the lies of love
the heartbreak

she was happy...she was blue.


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