God Against God ~ A Demigod Story (P.J.O & H.O.O Group Story)

Stacy Marvin and Naomi Summers are two ordinary girls, well thats what they thought, the truth is they are demigods, half human, half god. As soon as they arrive at Camp Half Blood, they find out a battle is beginning between Athena and Ares, Gods are taking sides, and are making their children do the same. Who will win? Read this story to find out.
Enjoy readerlover and suspense7' s group story!

Chapter 3

Naomi Summers: Most Crazy Thing Happens to Me... I Go to Camp!

We've walked for what seems like ages, until we came to a stop. " Welcome to Camp Half -Blood." Said Piper.
" Camp Half -What now?" I said.
"Camp Half Blood. It's for demi gods."
" Then why the hell am I here?"
" Isn't that a bit clear?"
" Not really"
" Your a demi God."
" Yeah right"
" It's true, here is a hint, only demigods can get through to the camp, walk past the post."
I did, and went through, " I can't be a demigod though, I'm a human!"
" That's what all of us believe at first, until we are claimed, it shouldn't be long until you are, but until then you stay at the Hermes cabin."
" Hey, has it occurred to you that my mom is going to kill me is she finds out I went to some camp without telling her?"
" We can deal with that, okay?"
" fine I'll believe you for now."
" Okay, I'll show you around."
Piper walked in front of me and I followed, she told me all the training places, like the sword place and archery place, she showed me the cabins and showed me where we eat and told me about what they do before meals (the offerings) when the tour was over I just walked around, I tried out the archery (I always wanted to learn) and turns out I was a pretty good!
I left the archery range and walked around some more, I didn't talk to anyone, since I was new, it was a boring yet exciting!

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