God Against God ~ A Demigod Story (P.J.O & H.O.O Group Story)

Stacy Marvin and Naomi Summers are two ordinary girls, well thats what they thought, the truth is they are demigods, half human, half god. As soon as they arrive at Camp Half Blood, they find out a battle is beginning between Athena and Ares, Gods are taking sides, and are making their children do the same. Who will win? Read this story to find out.
Enjoy readerlover and suspense7' s group story!

Chapter 2

I don't believe in stereotypes, but maybe this blonde really is stupid!

'' Stacy Marvin?'' my science teacher asked. My head shot up, and I turned beet-red. '' Umm, I- I-uh.. '' The teacher rolled her eyes and turned to a different student. I sighed, I usually did pretty well in school, despite the fact that I had dyslexia, but I didn't like Science. Besides, I hadn't gotten much sleep last night. I had pretty weird nightmares of a beautiful grey-eyed woman telling me that I musn't choose the coward. Like what the heck? Who was the coward?

Anyways, Science was over. It was time for English! I really loved English, since I got to read, even though I have dylesxia. I picked out a book about Greek Mythology. It was in english, but some pages were in Greek. And woah! I could understand it. At least I thought I could. Pretty soon, the bell rang, and I sprinted out of school. I decided to take the long way, in the forest, and I was happily reading the Mythology book when I heard someone call '' Psst! '' I dropped my book and whipped around and saw a pretty blonde-haired girl. She had those grey eyes, just like the woman in my dreams. '' Who are you?'' I demanded.
'' I'm Annabeth.'' she replied. She looked at the book I was dropped. '' Oh, no!'' she hissed.
'' W-what?'' '' Nothing.'' She replied cooly. '' You have to come with me.'' I scoffed. '' As if.'' I informed her.
She sighed. '' Look, you're in danger, so either stay out here and get screwed, or come with me.'' I gulped. '' Here.'' She tossed me a dagger. I gasped. '' It's okay, I think you're an Athena girl, so you're probably good with a knife.''
I squinted at her. '' You know what I think I am, frick'n human! '' She raised her eyebrows and smirked.
'' That's what they all say, that's what they all say.''

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