I'm really sorry to do this guys..but I'm deleting..

Chapter 1

People change, Memories don't. (Not that I've changed though. XD I just really like that quote! :D)

Hey guys.. I know, I haven't been online in a million light years.. I know you'll probably hate me for that..

I'm really sorry for never replying to your messages, I just can't get on anytime I wish. I really do miss you so much.. Especially my friends, you know who you all are. (:

See, I'm deleting my Quibblo... I'm truly sorry but I never get online and I always leave your messages hanging on for my replies and I never catch up on things..and when I think about those and me not being able to get online, it kinda stresses me...

I haven't been the happiest person for a while too (not trying to catch attention though)..

But anyways, [[I promise I'll re-activate this account or make a new account on Quibbz sometime later in my life.]] And when I do make it, perhaps I'll get on more often. (:

And also, if you're still reading, then you're very lucky (or maybe a little unfortunate XD) because you see, I have this account on [[wattpad.com]] and my username is [[@Remi_McNargles]]. Messaging over there is really fast and easy, and if you have any stories you'd like to post, then there's very high chance you'd meet your fame there, I swear!
Here's the link to my profile on Wattpad:

Until then, I hope to meet you all again in my life and remember, you are extremely amazing just by being yourself. :)


~ Remi_McNargles x


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