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New Views

Serina's world changes when she and her brother find a mysterious cage in the woods by there house. Seri is transported to another world just when her life was going well. Cenwig, her crush since middle school, is somehow connected. He was who she thought was a simple high school student. It turns out that all along, he was from the past. All in search for her. How did this happen? She will ask herself. But no questions will be answered.

Chapter 1

Average Day

I sat in my desk, waiting. I was feeling very anxious. Only a minute remained but it felt like forever. My legs were shaking. I looked back at the clock, willing for the bell to ring. Mrs. Veira was giving the us the 'last words of school' as she called it. Telling us to study up for next year. No one was listening but she continued to talk. Oblivious as always.
" Serina!" I heard my name. I looked up to see everyone staring at me. Smiles on their faces. I had been daydreaming I guess. I looked at Mrs. Veira. She was giving me a stern look.
" Yes?" I asked. She shook her head in the way that always said she annoyed. To everyone else she just looked silly. Us students and even some teachers secretly laughed at her actions behind her back.
" Did you here a single thing that I said today?" I don't know if its just me but sometimes it seems like she dislikes me more than everyone else. But I would have to put up with it today. I didn't want anymore of her than I had too.
" Yes. You want us to read over the summer. At least 500 pages. And don't worry, I will remember." I forced my sweetest smile that didn't say I abosolutly hated this. She smiled also, but it was more like a snake. She was about to say something else but thankfully the bell rang.
I smiled again, this time it was sincere. " Goodbye Mrs.V! I hope to never see you over the summer!" Her smile dropped off in an instant but I was out of there too quick for a come back. I soon met up with my bff's, Tiffany and Fay. They were always there for me and made me feel at home.
" That was too good" Tiffany said, laughing her head off and giving her famous snort. Of course that just made us all laugh even more. " Her face was just priceless! Glad I never have to see her again." We all had smiles. School was finally over for the year. A whole summer awaited us. What could go wrong. I could think of a few things. We had decided something. That we would confess our feelings to our crushes at the end of school. Fay had already told her boy John and now they were going out. Tiff wasn't as lucky. She told a stuck up boy named Richard that only her happy-go-lucky personality could like. He had pushed her off flat. Called her ugly and said she was not good enough for him.
We had tried to console her but she was sad for months. Only recently had we gotten her back on her feet. I actually introduced her to a nerdy but sweet boy named Lonnie. I think they would make a cute couple. Still working on getting them together tough.
As for me, that was a different story. My crush was Cenwig. Its sounds strange I know. I am told its an old English name. Pronounced like Keenwig. I hardly have spoken with him. I had hoped that Tiff and Fay would forget that little pact. So I had kept quiet and watched their relationships progress. Not as lonely as you might think. Ok, maybe a little lonely. But I'm happy for them. Just as long as they don't drag me to Cenwig to confess my feelings. But he is very handsome. He had dark brown hair and very grey eyes. He was on the Kendo club and I have to admit, I am very interested in different fighting styles. I am shy to admit this, but I once fantasized that Cenwig was my knight in shining armor and me, his princess, of course, that would never happen.
So anyway, I didn't mention anything about him as to not strike up a conversation as to why I still haven't talked to him yet. Suddenly Fay stopped and looked at me. She gave a sly smile and looked at Tiff. I wasn't quite sure what was happening and looked at Tiff. She also had a suspicious smile. Something was up. We had been walking for some time, the girls leading me along and lets face it, I was in my own little world. And thinking about the perfect guy that makes my heart skip a beat, he was the gentleman who always tried to include everyone in a conversation. Especially if he hardly knew you. He often was found near the library in the medieval section. Which is where I watched him from afar. Not like I'm a stalker, I just like him.
But looking at where I was dragged off too. It was all too familiar. Any hope they forgot, was dashed away. We were at the library. In front of me, a few tables away was Cenwig, laughing with his friends. I got a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. I laughed nervously, " Do you guys have books to return or something?" I asked in a chance to find an escape.
Tiff smile deepened. " Or something." I didn't like were this was going.
" Well I don't have any business here so if you just excuse me I will be headed toward the parking lot."
" No way, not so fast Seri! You know why we're here. Cenwig is right in front of you. Don't be scared, we'll be right here listening and ready to help if you need it. Just go in there and be yourself. We're counting on you!"
I felt shaky but nodded. There was no backing out of this now. " Could you stand where I can see you but Cenwig can't. I feel like I am going to throw up and I want you to see me and get me out of there before I barf all over my crush."
Fay gleamed, " Just get out there already, we will help in anyway we can." and with that, they gave me a push toward Cenwig.
One of Cenwig's friends noticed me. I think his name was Joey. When he saw me, Cenwig turned around. My heart stopped. He was just as he always was but he always made me light on my feet.
" Oh hey. Your Serina right? Captain of the girls basketball team?" I nodded, unable to speak. He gave a charming smile that made my heart do a flip. " Well nice to meet you. My name is Cenwig, though, everyone calls me Ken."
" I...I know who you are," this was not good. I was stumbling and looking down at my feet. My face was getting hot and very red, I'm sure. I just hoped he wouldn't notice. " Your in the Kendo club. I hear your the best of all your teammates."
He chuckled. I liked his laugh. " I wouldn't say I'm the best, but sure, I'm ok. But I have an advantage because my older brother taught me. He is the best fighter I know. I actually used to call him a samurai when I was younger."
I smiled relaxing at the story. Maybe this wasn't so bad.
" Hey Ken, I think I'll be headed out soon. My mom is picking me up. Do you want a ride home? She's willing to take you." One of Cenwig's friends said. He had long, shaggy hair. Cenwig looked at him. My heart sagged. He would leave before I could tell him. Maybe this was good. I wouldn't see him till next year so I wouldn't have to worry about making a fool of myself. But what if he got a girlfriend? The thought made me pause. I looked at him. He turned back to me. And somehow seemed to understand something. " Sorry Tom, I think I'll walk home today."
Tom shrugged. "Suite yourself. Bye then, see you later dude. School's out!" He gave an excited shout and marched off. Joey looked at his watch.
" I better be going too. If I don't drop by to pick up little Zoe, Mom will have a fit."
" Okay Joey, see ya later." They waved and Joey took off, leaving me with Cenwig. " Is there something you wanted to tell me?"
I got more butterflies. I was totally nervous but this was the perfect time. I wouldn't find another opportune time again. " Well" I started, twisting the edge of my shirt nervously. " The thing is, I...I...I like you." There, I said it. My face was burning hot, my eyes were shut tight and my fists clenched. I didn't want to see an expression of pity on his face. There was absolute silence. Finally, I couldn't take it. I looked up at Cenwig. His cheeks had turned red, his eyes were wide and his jaw had dropped. The best way to describe him is speechless. We were like that for a few awkward moments, watching each other.
" I...I really had no idea," he finally said. I left out a breath, here it came, the rejection. I felt another queasy fit. His blush redened. " I...I... I like you too." He got out the words. Now it was my turn to be speechless. Did he seriously say that? Or had I imagined it? Suddenly he smiled. I wasn't sure how to react.
" I...Is is that true? I...I thought you hardly noticed me, so I was so... so nervous. But, I'm glad, you like me back." I smiled. Unable to contain my happiness. That's when Fay and Tiff came up. They both looked at Cenwig.
" Well the only thing for you love birds to do now is set up a date." Fay said, looking between us.
" That sounds like a great idea!" Tiff added. I looked at Cenwig.
" N...No, he doesn't have too. You shouldn't pressure anyone, but I really would like to hang out with you Ken." I said sincerely. He looked surprised, but happy. My stomach flipped, this time with a happy feeling. No more impending doom for this gal. I was on my way to having my first boyfriend.
" That sounds fun. Maybe we could all get together for a fun time!" Cenwig offered.
" Lets set it up near my house. I have a big swimming pool. Tiff and Seri have been there but Ken, I'll have to give you the address." Fay said. This was wrapping up nicely.
Tiff announced, " Lets say this tonight a five. I'll bring a movie and some popcorn. This will be fun! But seriously, you two have to go out alone also." Cenwig and I both blushed.
" I would like that, too." Cenwig said, his eyes on me. I smiled, looking up at him. " Me too." I said.

And so, that was how my Summer began. It was all perfect. I had my BFF's and a possible boyfriend. I wasn't going to read a single page of any book Mrs. V picked out and so had absolutely no worries. This was going to be great.
I headed right to Fay's house after telling my parents were I'd be. I was wearing a cute pink bikini that I changed into at home and was ready for the water. I couldn't wait to be with Cenwig. I got there and he was already there. Tiff showed up later and soon we were all in the pool. John and Lonnie were there too. I felt a little disappointed. I kind of wished to be alone with Cenwig since he returned my feelings. I knew I could easily fall in love with him.
We played volleyball and swam and had all sorts of fun. Cenwig even joined the other guys as they took turns throwing each other in the pool. I got to spend some time talking to Cenwig alone. He was so cute with his hair dripping wet. I hadn't known he was so muscular either. But I have to admit, I did look at his chest for a good few minutes when I first saw him in his swim suit. He looked at me too.
We had some spaghetti for dinner. It was the best because Fay made it. She is the best cook I knew. I am sure John likes that a lot about her. That is when the night got more... interesting. I know it was planned though Fay and Tiff won't admit it. We had gotten set up to watch the movies. Then Tiff said she had to go but said we could watch the movie without her. She would pick it up later. Lonnie went with her because he didn't want her to go alone. Nor did he want to stay without her (though he didn't say that). So when we had started to watch the movie, Fay made up an excuse to leave. Something about needing to go shopping for a dress. Naturally, she dragged John to go with her and help her look. It was all very suspicious. They said goodbye and soon Cenwig and I were alone.
There was an awkward moment as we both sat there in silence, not sure what to say. The movie was still on. It was a romantic comedy, my favorite kind of movie. We even had popcorn to eat. I guess it was ok to be quiet but the atmosphere still felt awkward and tense. The heaviness weighing down on me.
I took a deep breath to calm myself and looked at Cenwig. He yawned and stretched his arms, the most cliché of all tactics, and placed his strong arms around my shoulders. He was so much warmer than I was and his arm felt nice around my shoulders. I smiled, pleased even though it was so cheesy. We sat like that, watching the movie. I snuggled up against him and laid my head on his shoulder. He pulled me in closer.
There was a point in the movie where the main characters were having a super romantic scene and I looked up at Cenwig and my eyes met his. The moment was so perfect that I shyly craned my neck up toward him. Ready for our lips to meet...
Bang! The door slammed against the wall as an irritated Fay came storming in. John followed, repeating apologies to Fay.
"What happened?," I asked, hiding my disappointment and separating myself from Cenwig. Fay noticed and blushed a little realizing what she had interrupted. Her anger turned back to John in full force. John's face went completely white as he cowered away from his furious girlfriend.
" How could you say that! Out of all the words to use, why fat!? In front of everyone! I was so uncomfortable. You know how I feel about my weight! Your just unbelievable!" She stormed off in the direction of her room. John started off toward her.
" Wait John," I said, " you should let her cool down for a while. Next when you see her, say sorry and compliment her. Trust me, I have plenty experience with Fay when she's angry, but you are an idiot. You never, I mean NEVER, call a girl fat. No matter how you think she looks."
John nodded, lowering his head. " I didn't mean to offend her. I was being honest, The dress is what made her look fat, not her. She is really beautiful and the dress was really bad."
" Ok Ok, but that is not how it seems to her. Just wait here and watch the movie. She'll be out when she's calm enough." He nodded and quietly sat down. I felt sorry for him but understood why Fay was so angry. I wouldn't want Cenwig to call me fat either. I looked at him then. His face showed some disappointment as well. I wish we could go back to that moment. We couldn't kiss now. The time passed and now John was here.
We watched the movie till it was over. We all sat, quietly eating popcorn. A door opened, we tuned to see Fay. She looked back to normal. I was relieved. John had a sheepish look. I hoped he remembered what I told him. " I'm sorry. I didn't mean what I said. I haven't had much sleep lately and I tend to say heartless things when I'm tired. You looked absolutely beautiful in that dress. But you look even prettier now that your in your casual clothes." She looked at him. I could see her anger dispersing. I was relived, John found the right words.
" I believe you. Thanks for the kind words but next time, think before you talk. I will not forgive you next time." She smiled and he returned with a smile of his own. They really made a cute couple. " Now lets leave these two alone. I think we have bothered them enough." And with that they exited out to the backyard, hand in hand. I smiled at the sweet image.
" I think I better get home soon. My parents don't want me to sleep over tonight." I said in an apologetic voice.
" Of course. But, I've got a suggestion, why don't I take you home?"
" I would love that, but we're going to be walking."
" That sounds just perfect." He replied.
" I hope its not too far for you to get home," I said sheepishly.
" Where do you live?"
" On the corner of West Third Avenue and Main Street."
" That's a good thing then because I live just off of Main Street, on Oak Street."
" Great, why don't we start heading out then," I smiled. I had no idea he was so close to my house.
I got up off the floor at the same time he rose. We waved good bye to Fay and John as we left her home. I let him hold my hand as we walked down Lemon Street. The air was warm and lightning bugs filled the yards along the way. We walked in silence, listening to the crickets chirping away. We turned left onto West Third and were just yards from my lit, front porch. I started getting anxious. I was annoyed that Fay and John had ruined my first kiss and was startled to know how much I had wanted our lips to have met.
I hadn't even realized we were standing on my front porch until I locked eyes with Cenwig. " I am sorry about my friends. They can be a little crazy at times but that's just what I like about them. I mean, sometimes I get carried a way to but its just one of those things that just can't be helped. I follow the rules just as well as the next girl but some things just drive me crazy and..." at that moment, Cenwig caught my lips against his. It was my first kiss and it surprised me. I closed my eyes, enjoying the warmth of his mouth against mine.
When we pulled apart, I was gasping for air. I stopped before he could notice. " That was... amazing. Was it to shut me up?" I asked jokingly.
He smiled. " Just wanted to make up for the interruption from earlier."
" You more than made up for that. Oh, and here's my number." I smiled back at him as he took the paper.
" I enjoyed this. I hope we can do something like this again soon. I will give you a call when I get the chance." with that, he took my hand and kissed it. " Till next time, my faire maiden." He waved as he started walking off. I waved back at him. I had finally had my first kiss. And it was with the guy of my dreams. I couldn't have hoped for a better night. I headed into the house and up to my room. My average day was not quite as average as it otherwise has been before.
I fell asleep with dreams of a charming prince.

In the morning, I showered and brushed my teeth, all ready for a day of school. I looked at the calendar and remembered yesturday's events. I also remembered that I had no school. So I decided to go back to sleep. When I awoke again, it was already 10am. So I ate some poptarts and watched cartoons. Yes, I was one of the teenagers who watched cartoons but would not dare to admit it. When Reece, my enthusiastic little brother, saw me, he went into an antagonistic state. Which often entailed a jumpy act that involved him poking me constantly and blaming it on our cat named Snoop.
" Lets go to the woods!" He insisted me for the hundredth time since I had gotten up. For some reason he was obsessed with the woods beside our house. Always asking to explore them. They seemed to change every year which made me somewhat curious as well. Usually I didn't mind but I was hoping for a call from Cenwig. " Please. Please. Pleeeaaase?" He pestered.
I rolled my eyes.
" I already told you. I can't. I'm waiting for a call."
" Waiting for a call from who?" I looked to see my dad walk in. He was in his work uniform. Today he was going in late because of some problems that needed fixed at his business. Dad was a book publisher. I was very proud of his job and read all the books he published. But I didn't want to tell him about Cenwig. My dad wasn't one to except his little girl going out with boys he hasn't met. Especially since I hadn't told him that I had just recently had my first kiss. I looked at Reece, hoping he wouldn't say anything. He was looking at me too. A smile on his face. He knew I wanted this as a secret.
" I am waiting for a call from Tiff. We were going to the mall together today and she was going to call me when she was ready to pick me up." I lied.
" Oh, ok. I guess I won't be here when she calls then so goodbye. You too Reece. Both of you be good." We nodded and said goodbye to him.
When he was out of earshot, Reece turned his attention to me. Uh oh. Reece was smart for a little 10 year old and knew how to negotiate. He also liked to get me in trouble. There had to be a reason to why he hadn't spilled the beans.
" Lets go to the woods." He said simple. " Or I will tell dad right now that you have a boyfriend." I narrowed my eyes at him. I could just as easily wait for dad to leave. " You know I have is Cell number too, right?" Well that didn't matter either, I was sure I could just keep him from calling. " You know I will win, so just stop thinking it over. We have been through this a lot and I have yet to lose because mom and dad listen to me more so than you." I glared at him.
" Ok, we'll go to the woods. But if he calls when were gone, I will find a way to get back to you. One that you can't possibly prove was me." He looked a little afraid but nothing ever seemed to really ruffle his feathers.
" So then. Lets go!" He said happily. I stuffed the rest of the toast in my mouth and jugged my orange juice. The sooner we got through this, the sooner I could get back inside to wait for Cenwig's call.
I walked behind Reece as we made our way to the woods. Finding the old trail that never seemed to get over grown. Reece ran ahead in excitement, eager to see what awaited us. I followed slowly. Something felt weird. I got a knot in my stomach. The woods seemed forbidding today. Like something lerked in its depths. I shook my head. They looked as they always had, boring and unexplored. The only excitement came when something new was discovered.
Soon I didn't see Reece anymore. He had gone too far ahead of me. I hurried up. " Reece, slow down. You can't explore the woods without someone older. That's the rule. If you don't come back, I will leave and tell mom." I threatened the silent trees. I didn't hear any answer. " Reece! I'm not kidding. If you don't come out now, you'll regret it!" Still no answer. Then there was a startling cry. " Reece!" I cried. Now I was getting scared. I didn't want anything to happen to my little brother.
I ran ahead. " Reece! Reece!" I yelled. My heart was beating faster, my breath growing heavy.
Finally I heard his voice, and saw his back. " Seri, look what I found!"
" Reece! You scared me! Why didn't you answer me?" I asked as I walked up. I was going to drag him back into the house if he didn't give me a good explanation. Then I saw what had caught his attention. It made me stop in my tracks. It was the oddest thing. It looked to be an old cage. It was wooden and square. It looked like it was for chickens or some other prey. It even looked like their was some chicken feathers around it.
" Lets take a closer look." Reece said, taking a step toward the cage.
" No! Wait." I want to make sure its safe. Its seems strange that this would appear in the woods. We have never seen something like this before. And look at those feathers. I think someone was back here. Recently, in fact. I don't want anything to happen to. Mom and Dad would kill me. You wait here. Ok?"
He looked mad but he nodded. I walked forward, toward the cage. As I got closer, my confusion heightened. I had never seen a cage like this. But for some reason, I felt as recognition looking at it. As I got closer, I caught the scent of chickens. This was getting weirder by the second. I stood in front of where the door was. I reached toward it, feeling pain in my forehead. I ignored, grabbing the door and opening it.
I felt dizzy. Ready to faint. I closed my eyes. I think Reece called my name but then my world went blank. When I opened my eyes again, I was in another world.
It reminded me of another era. Renaissance, I believe, and I was standing before a wooden cage filled with chickens. A stern man stood before me, a scowl set on his face. People moved buisily around me. Was this a dream, or had I stumbled into a new reality? I couldn't see Reece anywhere. My summer, it seemed, was already over.

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