36 reasons why Jesus Christ is so awesome

Chapter 1

jesus is awesome

by: Zaniellen
1. He loves us.
2. He can perform any miracle. At any time.
3. He touched our hearts.
4. He loves the believers and the non-believers
5. He saved us from our sins.
6. He believes us.
6. He knows everything about us. Some things even we didn't know about ourselves.
7. He will always forgive us.
8. He understands our hurt, pain and loss.
9. He came down to earth just for us.
10. He is always with you. He'll always be with you. Weather you like it or not.
11. If it wasn't for Him, not one tiny bit of our wonderful world would even be here now.
12. He loves everything.
13. He has never sinned.
14. He is the only one who deserves to be praised.
15. He knows what you did last summer...
16. He will never ever let you go.
17. He created all things.
18. He created you and me in his own way.
19. He is better than you!! :P
20. He is worth everything we are. Give your lives to him.
21. He is wonderfully awesome. He is unique and special.
22. He is almighty
23. He made beautiful things yet to be discovered. It might be you.
24. His creation is amazing!
25. This is you compared to him...Only a tiny weeny atom... :)
26. He is Jesus. He is amazing and He deserves a thank you!
27. Some of the things He did made... ECT... Are the most wonderful things in the universe.
28. He is all you got. Even if your rich, poor, famous or not. Make the most of Him.
29. He makes uncountable miracles everyday!
30. He is what keeps you alive.
31. He is so gobs making.
32. He=Life itself.
33. Everything He is= the whole universe.
35. He is too amazing! I honestly am speechless.
36. He committed his life for us. We should do the same for Him.

For those non-believers out there I think personally you should love Jesus back after this.


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