LOTR - 30 Questions

So, my Harry Potter version seemed to go over fairly well. And I was bored. So. Here we are.

Your answers can include all four of the LOTR books (FOTR, TTT, ROTK, and Hobbit).

Many of the questions are the same as my HP one, but obviously some wouldn't work. Those you don't recognize, I made up. For those who like this, go check out the Harry Potter version!

Spoiler Alert! X)

Chapter 1

30 Questions

1) Your Favorite Book
Return of the King, because it's the ending of a beautiful series. Plus, it's like their last desperate attempt to be free, and the battles are epic, and the desperation is perfectly portrayed, and....just yeah.

2) Your Least Favorite Book
Return of the King, because it ends there. And Frodo leaves. And they're all crying. And I'm crying. And...just yeah.

3) Your Favorite Character
Like I can pick just one! Aragorn, Eomer, Faramir, and Haldir. =)

4) Your Favorite Villain
I like the Uruk-hai, and Gollum is da bomb. XD

5) Your Saddest Moment
When the four hobbits are crying at the end of ROTK. I refuse to watch that part anymore.

6) Your Favorite Fellowship Member
Aragorn, Boromir, and Sam.

7) Your Least Favorite Fellowship Member
Legolas. Sorry, but he's overrated. Even in the books. = /

8) Your Favorite Race
Hobbits are adorable, and Dwarves are hilarious, but Ents trump them all. XD

9) Your Least Favorite Race
Elves, again, are overrated. Except Haldir. I like Haldir.

10) Your Favorite Country/Location
Tie between Rohan and Gondor. I could never choose.

11) Most Handsome Character
I love Faramir and Aragorn. And young Bilbo. Attractive men all around. ;)

12) Most Beautiful Character

13) Most Missed Dead Character
Haldir, Theoden....or Thorin. I did say spoiler alert, right?

14) Your Favorite Credits Song
I love all of them. May It Be is my favorite to sing, but Gollum's Song is hauntingly beautiful, and Into the West makes me cry. So, wins all around. XP

15) Your Favorite Battle
Helm's Deep all the way. Though the final battle before the Black Gate is awesome too.

16) Your Favorite Elf
Haldir, as previously mentioned....several times....and Galadriel's kinda growing on me.

17) Your Favorite Gondorian
Faramir and Boromir. In the books, I like Beregond too.

18) Your Favorite Rohanian
Eomer and Eowyn. Theoden's cool too.

19) Your Favorite Ring
Whichever one Elrond has. Nenya, I think it's called.

20) Where You Would Live
I'd have to relocate the Golden Hall to Minas Tirith. Otherwise I'd never be able to choose, and I'd be a hobo for the rest of my life. Maybe I could be a Ranger, and just visit everything. Yeah, that sounds good.

21) Funniest Moment
The scene from the extended edition with Merry and Pippin and the ent-draught. OR the drinking game, with Legolas and Gimli. OR the whole time when Dwarves keep showing up at Bilbo's door. XD

22) Most Emotional Moment
There were a lot. Again, when Frodo leaves for the Grey Havens. When Theoden dies. When Eomer finds Eowyn unconscious. When Aragorn lets Frodo leave. When Frodo volunteers to take the Ring. When Gandalf brings the Rohirrim back to win Helm's Deep. I'll stop there.

23) Most Used Quote
"Mustn't ask us, not it's business." X)

24) Preferred Mode of Transportation
Horseback, or elven boat.

25) Your Favorite Skill
Eomer's spear-throwing skills were pretty intense. And Faramir's sword fighting. I'll take one of each, please.

26) Your Favorite Wizard
Radagast and Saruman.

27) Your Favorite Dwarf
Thorin, Fili, and Kili.

28) Your Favorite Hobbit
Young Bilbo and Merry.

29) Your Favorite Elvish Wood
Lothlorien, though I'm excited to see Mirkwood.

30) Your Favorite Mountain
The Lonely Mountain, or Caradhras.

Et c'est le fin! Please tell me what you think, feel free to repost, and as always, comment and rate! =)


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