Miss Old Stuff (Original Story)

Daniela Palmer and her dreams. Hm? Read to find out. Rate and comment for a muffin and a hug ^.^

Chapter 1

No no no

"And Homecoming Queen is… Anita Smith!" the smile across her face made me sick. Her fluffy, tan dress and the endless cheering brought back memories. Anita's arm was locked with Zack's, my ex. My beautiful, pale looking dress didn't hide my bulging sides, or my pudding thighs. My arms were free, revealing the sag of skin under them. I used to be Homecoming Queen. I used to be the most precious, the most popular, and maybe the prettiest girl in school. But now I'm just a deformed animal. I weighed over 200 pounds, gaining at every calorie I ate. I used to weigh 118, now I'm just useless.

I had dated Zack Montgomery, before I was oversized, of course. I sat at a lunch table with only the prettiest and most popular teens. My best friend was Anita. When I let myself go, she walked all over me. She took my life away. My new best friend was some fat girl names Tina; such a pageant name. I entered pageants. I won "Miss Michigan." every year. My body was thin, my hair fell perfectly upon my shoulders, and I was gorgeous. I opened my wallet and looked at my driver's license. I was thin then, maybe a little too thin.

It all started last year, not too long ago. I lived my perfect life. The perfect friends, boyfriend, pageants, even my parents. I was Daddy's angel and Mommy's princess. I had one of my normal, and stupid, doctor appointments. I was always told I was underweight, which I denied. My doctor was Raymond Freeman, he reminded me of someone famous. He would strut in, mocking me in a foolish way, and laugh idiotically. He would swing over, in his chair with wheels, whom he called Sally. He'd take my hand elegantly, leading me onto this professionally looking scale. I was always 118-120. This is where the lecture about how I should gain a few pounds; I never took it into consideration. Until my mom peeked in on me, I still remember the words that ruined my life.

"Oh doctor! She'll gain a few pounds, I promise." My Mother said, eying him as she winked. My doctor was quite handsome. But before then, I had never eaten fast food. It was impossible, my Mom was skinnier than I was and I was being forced to eat.

After a few weeks I had gained to 132. Ugh, I was already fat. My jeans were tight around my waist, and my shirts fit, but squeezing my body until I lost circulation. A layer on skin spit at my sides. Fast food, fattening food, anything unhealthy became addictive. Soon enough, I was 189; almost as fat as Charel McCale. Ew. Then was dieting, fruits and vegetables only. And this is how I turned out to be, what a disgrace.

I would lay in bed, listening to the constant pestering of my parents. My weight grew them apart, and me from them. I tried to distract myself by looking at my pink, plastered walls, the drawings and posters taped along the border, and my phone. Nothing worked. Every time I looked in the mirror, heard an insult, or my parents fighting, something inside me grew. I learned what hatred was. But not of them, I hated myself. Who knew Daniela Palmer would hate herself.


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