I have something to say

Chapter 1

i went to winter jam

yes i am a christain, i know most of u do not know that i am but i am. i went to this concert thinking that it was pointless and i could get nothing out of it and well i did i ended up cying twice. Toby Mac said that the message of the whole concert and his part was forgiveness. Things will change if you tell them that you forgive them because you wont have that heavy birden or grudge. I am asking for forgiveness from a few people on here and you know who you are. I have hurt you in some way, and i will pay for it and it will be taken to god. I am so sorry for the things that i have done, i stay up all night and talk and talk and talk and i cry and i pray i pray that my life gets better people around me get better i pray for good people to be friends with me, i dont pray like everyone else. it is so hard and difficult for me to follow and walk with god. i am not perfect never was never will be trust me. I dont like to make this a big deal but i have tried to stop everything and i mean everything, i was going to suicide over the summer and you know i didnt really believe in god all that much i didnt go to church much, my friend talked me out of it and braught me to god. I dont like christain music that much but when i do find a song i like ill listen to it. recently i was allowed to play the drums at my church and also sing. kinda cool. but anyways when you guys read this i will be gone, i am deleting. i hope all of you guys just be nice and love please, choas will bring you nothing.. i am sorry for the people that i have made fun of made mad made anything wrong i ask you all for forgiveness. i hope that you accept my apology. And i forgive people for doing things to me, i know i dont normally thing its okay to do wrong things but i dont know what your going through but god does. i am over all so sorry for everything. I hope i have made a statement or a little mark on the wall. People may not be nice to you but if you are nice back it will change their mood and make them think. I hope you all forgive me, i will be crying and praying tonight for all of you.


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