When Things Go Wrong

Just for a short story thing..

Girl..horoscope,make-up, and a missing tooth....what's next???

Chapter 1

A nice beginning..

by: Xactaeon
"I'll be down in a second!" Lilly said kicking the door open with her hands fixing her hair.

Lilly advanced to the “computer room” as her dad calls it. “Hurry up Lilly! We haven't got all day!” Her mom yelled from the front door.

“Just a second!” Lilly hurried to open up an internet browser. She typed in the word horoscope, and added the .com. Lilly clicked on her sign and read it out loud in her mind. “Daily Horoscope: Aquarius, Today might be filled with trouble, and blame. You just might have to be the hero today. Remember, only good can come from helping! This can surely help you today, don't be surprised if a couple things don't go as planned, just hang in there. “

Satisfied, Lilly ran downstairs leaving the browser up.
She jumped in the bright blue mini van and the car drove off.
Lilly gawked as her sister was putting on her make-up,in the car! “Why do you always need to wear make-up?” Lilly asked with a 'smart Alec' tone.

“And why don't you?” Her sister asked back.

“Because I'm pretty enough without that cosmetic junk!”she rose her voice.

“That's it!” Lilly's sister smeared bright red lipstick across Lilly's left cheek.

“Mom!!!” Lilly yelled. “Alright you two, we're here. Let me see if there's anything to take that off..” She reached in her purse and pulled out a bag of tissues.

She took a tissue out and faced Lilly. “Now, hold still.” She commanded.

Lilly's mom used the tissue to wipe the lipstick off, it only smeared more, she licked it and tried again..even worse! “Sorry, your gonna have to go to school like this till I go home and get make-up remover, but don't worry, your sister will get what she deserves.” She winked.

Lilly hopped out with lipstick across her left cheek. “Everybody's staring!!” Lilly said in her mind.

She bolted to the cafeteria to eat breakfast. She went through the line, face down, and sat down with her tray full of food. An apple, a yogurt, and pancakes.

Pecking at her food, Lilly took a small bite of the pancake. This is awful. She thought. She held up the apple and took a huge bite, just when she felt a sudden pain in her upper tooth.

"Oww!!" Lilly yelled. "Are you okay?" A nearby yard aid asked Lilly.

Lilly didn't respond, she didn't want the aid to see the bright red lipstick across her cheek. Lilly tooth the apple out of her mouth, blood was all over it!

The yard aid had seen the blood and grabbed some tissues. No! She'll see the lipstick! Lilly thought turning her head to the aid.

Hysterically, the aid laughed. That grabbed the rest of the kids in the cafeteria's attention too Lilly. "I hate myself!!" She thought to herself.

Lilly ran out the cafeteria doors and exited the school gates. She sat on the curb, tears running down her face. When will mom get here!?

Just then the familiar bright blue minivan pulled up with her mom inside. "Lilly, are you okay?" Her mom asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Lilly lied. "I brought you some make-up remover, why's your mouth all bloody?" She asked.

Lilly held out her tooth and took the make-up remover. "Oh dear." Lilly's mom said. "How come your crying, do I have to teach some kids a lesson?" She said in a protective way.

"No, I'll tell you when we get home, can I take the day off?" Lilly asked.

"Sure honey, c'mon." Her mom said helping Lilly up off the curb. Lilly sat in the front, removing that lipstick finally. Her mom called the school, and Lilly had told her everything.

The 2 of them had gone to Sonic and had some ice-cream before going home. "Thanks mom, love you." Lilly said happily.

"I love you too!" Her mom smiled.


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