I had the sudden urge to write this, plus I wanted to try out the chain story. Here you can rant on bullying, labeling, and the side effects of said usage of words and physical contact.

Chapter 1

Me, the creator, will write the first rant.

Have you ever have someone insult you? Did it hurt? Some may say no to both these questions, some may not care, if someone insults them or not. I care and I know it hurts.

I've been bullied before, for multiple reasons. I was too different, I had a weird hair color, I was too big, my eyes were strange, my freckles are ugly, your not like us and we don't want you here.

I'm a natural redhead, and people hate it. My hair is curly and tends to be frizzy. People have made fun of it since the first grade, and it made me want to hack all my hair off. I mean, am I supposed to be hated for being who I am?

I was and am overweight, us it bad that I actually eat all my food. And the truth is that I'm very picky about what I eat. I mean, I don't eat everything in sight. My family members are big and so am I. Am I supposed to be ashamed at the fact that my mother actually feeds me? I like to eat, I eat my lunch, I eat snack cakes, I eat. Tell me if this is wrong.

I have blue eyes, are they ugly. I don't think so. I was born with blue eyes and i'm glad to have them. I mean other colored eyes can be pretty, but mine are blue and I love them. I'm the only in my immediate family with blue eyes, and they seem to like them. Why can't others?

My face, arms, and legs are covered in freckles. Do they make me ugly or strange? No, I love them. I always thought freckles were cute. Does anyone hate freckles, does anyone hate me for having them? I don't care anymore.

I'm not like you, you don't want me near you. What, are you afraid my different appearance will rub off on you or something? I mean, being me isn't contagious. Since when is being so different a bad thing? Oh, wait I know. It was back when people were separated for their differences! I thought we were pass that already, hasn't all that war for equality been fought already?

Since when am I not good enough to be a good friend. That's all I ever wanted, was for someone to say 'who cares if your different, I say that's my favorite thing about you'

I've never been physically bullied, but I'd say words hurt worse. At least bruises and cut heal, the wounds that words leave never heal, not completely. Truly, I believe there is perfection in even the most imperfect person. So what, I'm a redhead. So, I'm big. I have blue eyes. I like to read. I have freckles. I have poor eyesight and squint. I have weird friends. I had to cry myself to sleep several nights when I was young. I am probably one of the only ones who only wanted a friend.

Bullying is the kid version of War, War is the adult version of Bullying


If you would like a chapter, please let me know in the comments below

Berserkergirl signing out

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