Hogwarts School Competition I

Hogwarts School Competition I

This is the competition of HOGWARTS. The first chapter will be about how to play, first three/five written will probably being introducing your character and getting to know them.

Chapter 2

I'm a Wizard

This is more like an introductary prompt. I'll tell you now that no one will be expelled, but it will give me an insight on your writing style. So if you do pretty bad, then I'll remember that for something that actually matters, vice a versa as well.
The chapter is due by the end of March 16. If you think you wouldn't finish, I'll like that notice March 10-15. That way, you wouldn't just message me saying you wouldn't get it done even though you didn't start. I hope that's okay with you all. I am in the CST time zone although I will start grading on March 17.

Here's the prompt! (finally!):
You get your acceptance letter to Hogwarts! How do you feel? Nervous, happy, calm...what? How do your siblings (if you have any) react? If you're a Muggleborn, how does your parents feel? (Usually Dumbledore comes to explain to them about the Wizarding World). If you are a half-blood, how does your Muggle parent feel? If you're Pureblood, how does your parents feel and remind you?
This should give an incite about your character. This SHOULD be in FIRST person and the prompts will be in 1st person, unless said otherwise. If not, 5 points will be deducted. (You can have both a 1st person part and a 3rd person part, but not mixed together, you should clearly say which perspective it is)
Relevance to other characters are allowed as long as the other person said yes and its not a huge invasion on they're character. So I recommend not too, but it can help. Imaginary characters will different names/personality is also perfectly allowed.
Time period is...YOUR CHOICE (yipee!). I recommend choosing one time period, (Marauder, Harry, After Generation, Nothing) for the entire prompt but it's your choice actually.
Questions? Message/Comment!!!

GOOD LUCK!!! (^^)
(o^_^)o he's dancing!! : ) <- (gasp its Voldemort! (no nose) Wait, they all have no noses!! Run!! Unless you're a Death Eater of course)

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