Hogwarts School Competition I

Hogwarts School Competition I

This is the competition of HOGWARTS. The first chapter will be about how to play, first three/five written will probably being introducing your character and getting to know them.

Chapter 1

How to Play/Rules

Every round I will give you something that you have to write. Like a prompt. Your goal will be to write a pretty good chapter about it.
I RECOMMEND a story where each chapter is each prompt. That way it would be easier for me to look at and other people can see your work as well. Or you can have seperate stories for each prompt.
For grading, I will grade each mini-story (however long it'll take) and give you a grade out of 50 points each cateogry is 10 points (creativity, description (not too much to make it boring but not to little to make it simple), spelling/grammar, how good it is to the prompt and overall).
For elimination, I will not do it after every prompt but I'll tell you after everyone turns it in but before I read any of them.
Turning it in: I know that its hard to turn in stuff with a deadline, but there will be one. But if you message me BEFORE THE DEADLINE that you have too much homework, or even if don't have that much, you don't think you'll make it by the deadline, then you will be excused. I'll check at the deadline on each contestant to see when it was the last time they went on Quibblo. That will also be counted although I'll give you a heads-up when the prompt will come. But if you didn't message me and it SEEMED like you had time to work on it, I'll take off 1 point for every day. I would do 1 point every two days, but there are a lot of points. 2 days before the deadline, I will MOST LIKELY message each contestant saying to turn it in. For especially the first one, you should put the link in the comments. Which is another reason why I recommend doing it in one story. That way I can just check the one story, recent chapter then read your response.

Any questions? Just message/comment!

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