This is the story that clears up the best day of my life.

Chapter 1


by: Xactaeon
"Goodbye honey, have a good time with your aunt! I'll miss you lots, love you!" My aunt said running up to me giving me a great big bear hug. "Whatever, I hope you get eaten by an elephant." My sister snarled as I walked out the door.

Days later I was with a few members of the "Help for Kids" club. A club who had gathered money, donations, and food for the kids in Africa, it just so happens my aunt, Mary Lee, was a member, and thought it'd be fun to drag me around for a few days.

"You can go off, just don't stray too far, call me if you get lost." my aunt had said with an over worried look on her face.

I left in hurry, anything, anything to get away from them. They were pushy and rude, that's how I perceived it.

I ambled to the nearest swamp, since they were often nearby. A man was paddling through the river, he was dark skinned and had oddly shaped ears. Huge rings around his neck, like a necklace to say, that is a necklace too small, too small to even fit over his head.

"Would you like a ride?" He said with a native accent. Thinking to myself at the time, "Heh, why not?" And I said exactly that.

The river, making such noises, calming me, I almost fell asleep, or would have if I wouldn't have heard the running footsteps ape?

The odd animal, so big and hairy, running on it's hands fast, chasing the paddle boat. "What's he doing here?" I asked the dark skinned man. He started laughing."You're in Africa! You should look around more!" he proclaimed.

I didn't think Africa had much of apes, but oh well I thought to myself. I decided to take a nap, knowing my aunt would call and wake me up. But when I woke up It was near the time the sunset arrives. I checked my cell phone for any missed calls. None. Nothing.

I looked around, the man was gone, and there was an ape in the spot where the man was. I was confused and had no clue what was going on. The ape looked at me with friendliness in his eyes,it's like, like I know him.

I was sitting in the paddle boat, but the boat was on land, and in the dirt, with grass,trees, and swampy surroundings. I looked behind me, I nearly jumped, I saw a bear with a beaver on it's back.

I stepped out of the boat cautiously right when an ostrich came pecking from behind. Where the heck did that come from!?

The bear came up to me, letting the beaver slide off. I stumbled backwards, scared and shaking. It came and gave me a hug. A hug!! "Why would a bear give me a hug?" I thought to myself.

The beaver ignored me completely and started skipping dirt towards me with it's tail. The ape just looked at me knowingly, and the ostrich, well..just watched me, not taking it's eye off me. Like it was worried or something.

"Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" My phone woke me up just then, thank God! I was dreaming!! That's when I had the most relief. I was still shocked, and my heart was beating fast too.

"Excuse me? Can you take me back to the base?" I asked the man kindly, half asleep I was. It was only in the afternoon still, good! "Sure thing, glad you enjoyed the trip, it's a relief having a friend to spend this nice weather with." He said smiling.

I hopped off the boat as he pulled it up. "Goodbye, I hope I see you again one day." He said as I was walking off. "Uh...yeah, you too!" I yelled from afar.

I arrived to the base and saw my aunt. "I'm glad your back!" She said. I smiled and just sat in one of the chairs, noticing dirt, just like the dirt the beaver skipped on me in my dream on my jeans. I began to sleep again.


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