Thing's i'll never say.

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Chapter 1


by: Needles
He strummed on his guitar strings with ease. His voice was as lovely as the melody he played. He flipped his brown hair out of his eyes and smiled at one of the girl's that crowded him around the table. She giggled as he sang still staring at her. I tucked loose strands of my hair behind my ear and fixed my glasses. I stopped staring at him and stuck my head back into my novel. But it was so hard to pay attention to the plot of the story with his beautiful voice in the background. when i heard clapping i knew he was done for the day. For some reason i never admire his look's,just his music. I put my books back into my backpack and walked to the media room. Where they have a grand piano,drums and a couple of guitars than a little stage by the door. I placed my bag in a chair and headed towards the piano. Before i could hit a key a couple of guy's came bursting through the door laughing. "Haha Nice man" As they loudly talked i never looked up once. "Oh. Hey nerd can you scram?" The guy's laughed i looked up as one of them with a smirk walked up to me. "Did you hear me?" I fixed my glasses and stood up. "Why? Anyone who enjoy's or love's music has the right to be in here." The guy stared at me and laughed. "Go. If you can't play a instrument,mean's you don't love music." I scowled at him. "Your an idiot. That's not right and i so happen to play an instrument." He looked angry. "Is the Nerd pushing your buttons? Mr caveman." He got even closer. "This nerd need's to be taught a lesson!" The guy's looked at each other. "But she's a girl.." The guy scowled. "And?!" One of the guy's ran his hand through his hair. "Even if she's being annoying,hitting a's just wrong.." The guy smiled which made me nervous. "Who said anything about hitting her" He picked me up,i screamed and flapped my arms in the arm,kicking him as hard as i could. But it was no use. They opened the storage closet where they stored brooms and broken instruments and threw me inside. Slamming the door shut,leaving me in the dark with there laugh's echoing. I hugged my knees tightly and dug my head into my left kneecap. I felt tears come,but tried not to let them out. After about twenty minutes or so,i heard someone come in the media room. Afraid it was one of those boy's i remained silent. Whoever was in the room attempted to play the piano but ended up hurting my ears. Then they went on the guitar,they played such a sad but beautiful melody. Suddenly i heard singing and instantly i knew who was out there. I banged on the door as loud as i could. The music stopped and the door opened letting light come in hurting my eyes. "What are you doing in here?" The boy with the flippy brown hair stared at me with his big blue eyes. I fixed my glasses. "Couple of guy's threw me in here." He helped me up. "Damn i'm sorry." I fixed my hair. "It's whatever,by the way you play the piano terribly." I grabbed my bag and stared at the boy. He smiled at the ground and scratched the back of his head awkwardly. "Yeah.." I frowned and put my bag down. "I reginized what song you were trying to play." I sat down and placed my hands over the key's. I played the song as it played in my head. I had forgotten everything that happened this afternoon and got lost in the music. When i was done i stared up at the boy. He smiled "Wow,that was pretty." I did a small grin " Thanks but it doesn't come close to your music." He did a huge grin. " you've heard me play?" I shrugged. "who hasen't." He laughed. "True" I grabbed my stuff again. "Thanks for helping me out of the closet and listening to me play. But i have to go to a meeting for the commitee." He shook his head. " No problem" I opened the door and walked down the hallway when i heard the media room door slam open. "Wait!" I twirled around. "What's your name?" I smiled and gave him a card from my bag. He read it. "Anna.You own a flower shop?" He did a goofy grin. "Eh i help my mom and she put's me on the cards.I really have to go,see you around." He waved and smiled as i ran down the hallway.

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