I'm Sixteen Today!!!

Today is February 22, 2013!

Chapter 1

I'm So Happy!!!!

Hey! Today is my birthday!!!! I'm so excited!!!! Today I am 16..... Oh.. just in case you read this and don't know me... I'm Solstice! You can send me an FR if ya want! heehee. =^.^= If so, look up XxSoulxReaperxX. I'll accept almost all!!! Anyways, for my birthday already, I got to go to a BVB concert!!!!! Cool, right?! Okay, ....so..... I just wanted to let everyone know this for some reason......... I'm going to have my two favorite foods!!! Macaroni and ice cream cake!!!! Yummy in my tummy! =^.^= Well.... hope this wasn't too boring..... Have a great day!!!!! And drink either chocolate milk or mountain dew!!!! Let's do the Time Warp again!!!! Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!


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