Crap on Quibblo ( May be offensive. )

Aka, crap we need to get rid off. Comment if you want to write next. And I warned you, it may be offensive, what I'm writing.

Chapter 1

Setting friends on people

You get upset at someone. And you tell everyone. Honestly, it's between you and them. It's not cool to set your friends on someone, and just remember, Karma's a bitch. God has a odd sense of humor.

So, remember that because one of these days someone will do it to you. Like I said, it's between them and you. Them. And. You. Not them, you, and the rest of fvcking Quibblo.

Don't you think about how that person feels? Take care of it yourself! There isn't any need to set haters on someone. And, though I won't say it, I can name a few happenings, recent or non, that totally did that.

Maybe your friends need to know. I know, that's everyone's typical excuse. " Well blah-blah-blah was being mean to me, so I posted a story. " Not only will they hate you for a while, you may drive them to delete. And while its good for you, what if Quibblo's the only thing keeping them from committing suicide.

So, not cool to set your friends on somebody.

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