Creepypasta Rp?

Hey guys! I really love Creepypastas, and I know there are some Creepypasta OC's out there, I too have one, and so, I was hoping someone would want to roleplay this with me, so we could see if this would work out! Here's a a basic information thing for my OC.

Chapter 1

My character, Insomniastic Luna

Name: Emma

Nickname: Insomniastic Luna, Insomnia, or Luna.

Age: Around 16-18 (It depends on your preference)

Affiliation: Serial killer, mentally insane

Disorders/Illnesses: A.D.H.D, Insomnia, and Insanity.( But you knew that, right?)

Hair: Messy light brown hair that ends at her lower back.

Eyes: Blue-gray. Her eyes look very tired, with bloodshot whites, and bags underneath.

Skin: Pale.

Attire: Red jacket, with a black shirt underneath, and brown, long pants. She prefers to go barefoot.

Personality: Luna is , to say the least, insane, but underneath that, she has a sarcastic personality, in a joking way. She makes comments about the action, or speech of others. To the very few she calls friends, Luna manages to be nice. (If you want to start before they went insane{ my own preference} then I'll send you a separate personality)

Crush (If we decided to mix in romance, which we don't have to do, considering it's a Creepypasta RP): Jeff the Killer (Or Eyeless Jack)

Prefered weapom: Knife (It's a butcher knife she had found one day and cleaned up. At some point, the top sort of shattered, creating a point. She stabs people with this point.)

Email me at :, or message me first on here if you’re not sure!


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