But Thank You Anyway (Poem)


Chapter 1

But Thank You Anyway

Remember when we met
that new years eve
your boyfriend ditched you for his guitar
and you were all alone
and we talked
and we talked until dawn
and we never stopped talking
you were my best friend
and you broke my girlfriend's heart
while your boyfriend broke yours
we were so young
we are just kids

remember when we kissed
during that lunch time
i proved to you i actually did like you back
and we were together
and we kissed
and we kissed every chance
and we never stopped kissing
you weren't my girlfriend in the end
and you broke my own heart
while some guy stole yours
we were so stupid
we are just minors

remember when we almost had sex
during that last week
you told me you still loved me since the start
and we lay on the grass
and we kissed
and we kissed even more
and we got pretty far
but you didn't want to continue and i left
and i didnt talk to you in the end
and i broke your heart
while you kissed my friends
and we were so ignorant
we are just teenagers

remember when you came back to visit
during that last break
i told you i would kiss you if it weren't for him or her
and we sat in that both
and we laughed
and we ate some fries
and we reminisced
but you didn't kiss me and i left
and i felt good for not letting you
he still has your heart that aches for me
and my heart tells lies to her
and we were so good
we are just friends

now you're telling me something has changed
during that last holiday
you told me you and him didn't use protection
and i worried
and i was scared for you
and you thanked me
but it was a false alarm like we hoped
and it felt nice knowing you're okay
that he would have stayed anyway
and i still want you to come home
and we were closer
and we are just humans


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