A message to teenagers (might be offensive)

if you have one of your own that you'd like to add message me and ill give you a chapter

Chapter 1

grow up

by: cjcj
ok people need to start acting there age. i love to have fun as much as the next guy, but some people are just plain out dumb. if your in high school, you shouldnt still sit up or stand on your seat on the bus. if you swear constantly and still think its hilarious when you do, then you need to grow up.

i cant stand talking to people who every other thing they say is totally random. if the conversation got to the point where we have nothing to say.. stop talking.

Now this part is more for the girls. when you were little and had a crush on the jonas brothers or whatever, it was kinda cute. but now that your older. you should realize that if you have a celebraty crush, your never going to get them. you have better chances of winning the lottery then justin beaber falling in love with you.

sorry if i offended anyone, but these things are true

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