My Collection Of Funny Stuff

Hopefully this makes you laugh like it made me laugh. There will be probably more chapters on how to be annoying other ways. Comment your favourite.

Chapter 1

How To Be Annoying To Your Parents...

1. Follow them around everywhere

2. Moo when they say your name

3. Pretend you have amnesia

4. Pretend to be asleep when asked to do something

5. Say everything backwards

6. Run into walls then say, "Where are the doors?!"

7. Say the wearing clothes is against there religion

8. Go into at 4pm

9. Say all the words in a film

10. Talk to your household items

11. Pluck hair the exclaim loudly, "DNA!"

12. Eat your hair

13. Switch a light on and off them say, "Oh I get it,"

14. Hold there hand and whisper, "I see dead people,"

15. When in the shower yell loudly, "Im drowning,"

16. With everything they say scream back "Lier!"

17. Try to swim on the floor

18. Put your finger one inch from there face and say, "I'm not touching you,"

19. Put a lamp shade on your head and proclaim that "the sun is dying,"

20. Sing while running though the house wearing only your underwear

21. Have nervous spasms at random times

22. Pretend to worship the devil

23. Run in circles

24. Slither everywhere

25. Try to drink out of the glass the wrong way

26. Have imaginary friends

27. Try to climb the wall

28. Eat things that are not edible

29. Ask them quietly, "Excuse me do you have any..." Then yell, "shoelaces!"

30. Tell them the doctor called and they have bad news

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