I was bored and I'm about to go to bed.......

Do we have anything in common?! :3

Chapter 1


1. Skipped class? Nope

2. Done drugs? None

3. Self harmed? Yes

4. Drank? Yes

5. Shoplifted? No

6. Gotten a tattoo? No, but I would like to eventually

7. Broken up with someone? No

What's your favorite:
8. Show? Either Arrested Development or The Voice

9. Movie? Either 10 Things I Hate About You or Princess Bride

10. Song? HARD DECISION! The last favorite song I remember having is Coffee Shop Soundtrack by All Time Low, but today I listened to a song called Dakota by A Rocket To The Moon and I think it's slowly making it's way up to the favorite spot

11. Tumblr? Don't have a favorite...

12. Singer/band? Of Mice & Men then shortly after it's A Rocket To The Moon and Pierce The Veil, but that's only at the moment.

13. Memory? Any memory with my best friend, Caitlin. I also enjoy the memories I have of me and my step-sister Heather.

14. Book? Favorite series are Vampire Academy and the Hunger Games, but The Fault In Our Stars by John Green is probably my favorite book.

This or that:
15. Invisibility or ability to fly? Invisibility (I COULD SNEAK INTO CONCERTS AND BACKSTAGE :3)

16. Cookies or cake? Cookies

17. Twitter or Facebook? I use both, but I'd say Facebook, because I'm on there more. The reason I'd like Twitter better is because my favorite band members interact with their friends on there. (The Relapse Symphony, Courage My Love, The Maddigans, and Vampires Everywhere! follow me, along with some others)

18. Movies or books? I cannot choose. I get bored of both pretty easily so I switch between those and music.

19. Coke or sprite? Coke

20. Blind or deaf? Neither?

21. Tea or coffee? Tea... I don't really like coffee

What's your?
22. Age? 16

23. Sign? Libra

24. Height? 5'2 (Yes, I'm short)

25. Sexual orientation? Straight

26. Shoe size? 10

27. Religion? Agnostic

28. Hair color? Brown. I dyed it read, but it faded.

Opinion on:
29. Gay rights? I'm all for them. I have gay friends and my step-brother is gay.

30. Second chances? As long as it's nothing too bad and I'm one of those people that forgives WAY too easily.

31. Long distant relationships? I wouldn't want to try it.

32. Abortions? I don't think people should get them, but if they feel that's the only choice for them they have every right.

33. The death penalty? NO. Only if it's something where it just terribly worrisome, other than that they should live the rest of their life in prison with what they did.

34. Marijuana? I don't smoke, but I don't think there's anything wrong with you if you do smoke it.

35. Love? I've never been in love, but it's something I'd like to feel.

Do you:
36. Believe in ghosts? To an extent

37. Shower facing the shower head or turned away? It depends. For a majority it's away, but when I wash my bangs it's facing.

38. Sleep with the door open or closed? Closed.

39. Love someone? My family and friends.... obviously

40. Still watch cartoons? Psh. Yeah.

41. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Not at the moment

42. Like yourself? Sometimes... not a majority of the time.


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