She's Not Afraid (1D love story)

When a pierced, tattooed, skater girl is looped into the fast paced, pop world of One Direction, what could go wrong?
She'll attract the attention of more than one of the boys, but given the differences in their worlds, can one of them win this stone hearted rocker?

Need to know:

Chapter 1


3rd Person
"I'm starving," The blonde whispers.
"I know, Ni. We're going to eat soon," The eldest of the five says back. He pats the Irishman on the shoulder. Niall forces a smile and turns back to the girls in front of him.
A couple minutes passed and the five continue to sign autographs with forced smiles. They were all hungry and tired.
"Look," The curly haired boy hisses to the dark skinned one. They both turn to stare at the pinky red haired girl walking nearby.
"She's gorgeous," Zayn mutters.He places a hand on the side of his face which signals the other three boys to look at the girl.
"Food!" Niall exclaims. Before anyone could stop him he was out of the chair and walking toward the girl.
Courtlyn's POV
"What's going on?" I ask Tate, looking toward the giant mass of screaming girls.
She shrugs after scanning the crowd. "Nothing we'd like."
"You're probably right," I smirk. I pop a fry into my mouth and stare at the girls who had just erupted in a new wave of screams. Tate and I cringe at the ear piercing sounds. Suddenly a blonde boy pops up next to me.
"Do you know him?" Tate whispers as we both stare at the smiling boy.
I stare at the guy, trying to place him. "Isn't he one of the guys on your little sister's wall?"
"Oh yeah. That band, New Direction or whatever," she says.
"One Direction," He cuts in. "We're called One Direction."
"Okay..." I say. I bump into a girl and nudge past her. That made me realize there were a few girls following us. "Can I help you?" I ask.
"I was... hungry. I saw you had fries and..." He pauses.
I look down at my half eaten fries and back at his puppy eyes. "If you leave me alone you can have them."
"Uh... that's a tough choice. You see,you're really pretty and I don't think any amount of food would make me want to leave you alone," He smiles.
I make a face at Tate who is laughing. Someone hits me from behind and lingers. I turn around and push them off of me lightly into the crowd of girls.
"Watch it!" I turn back around with a scowl. "Honestly, I'd take you out to dinner just to get this fangirls off my butt." I mutter.
"Deal. I'll meet you at Olive Garden at 7," He says. Before I can reply he jogs off and every girl that had been following us was gone in seconds.
"That bastard took my fries!" I exclaim.
"You also have a date with that bastard," Tate smirks.
I glare at her. "I don't have to show up," I say.
"But you will."
I smile and shrug. "It's free food, and he owes me."
She laughs and we speed up our walk to get away from the fangirls before anything else could happen.


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