Mark of Seven

An original group story writen by me and 6 other writers about a new country, and the reality of how hard it is to start a country. 7 kids are part of a special program to spy and take down the other political party.

Chapter 1

RJ Kylane

All we were assigned was just a simple kidnapping. Get in and out with the Ambassador, that was the plan. Though there was one factor I forgot to think about, and that was our very own loose canon.

I'm part of a group of kids, from age 9 to 16. We are the Liberators' secret weapon and we have only just met a couple days ago. Why they chose kids instead of highly trained adults, I have no idea.

Liberators are the group my father leads. He's the general and head politician. Our rvial party is the Mercantilists, those who are still loyal to the US and want to dedicate this land to them and be a colony of them instead of our own country, Liberators, which I am gladly part of, think this idea is bullcrap and want to become our own, independent country and not a freaking colony. These differences exploded into war across the island.

The Mecantilists's capital is in the far north of the country. Luckly, we wouldn't have to go that far though, our objective is just to get the ambassador, not the capital. And the target is at the border of the Liberator's land, trying to negotiate a treaty with my dad. This was a clever plan hatched by my father to get the Ambassador close to us.

The Ambassador was getting her at noon today, and so we had little time to get ready. I grabbed all my camera's and went to the hall where my dad and Ambassader Tyler. My job was to lead the plan, make sure everything is fit. And if all goes wrong, blow up everything. I had the best job ever.

Our team consisted of strange charcters. We had two really young snipers who would act as our safety nets for this mission, if something would go wrong, BANG! Kat was our wildlife expert, but she couldn't really do much here except make a serum which would let us kidnap the Ambassador easier. All we had to put

Dory and AJ were going to be on the inside job, acting as my dad's asistants. Hopefully they can cause a deversion where Zero can kidnap the Ambassador. If all goes according to plan, then this mission will prove what we can do. It was all on the line. We fail, we don't get the big job.

The clock ticked closer to noon, every second my heart started beating faster. I quickly turned on my computer which showed a view of the room from 5 different angles. Kat, who had probably never seen anything this hard or complex.

I gripped close to me a remote control to what used to be a child's toy. But with a few adjustments, I turned it into a explosive weapon, only to be used if everything went wrong. With one push of a button, I could reviel the tiny little car with a bomb strapped to it, and when everyone was out of range, blow the sucker up.

One more minute. The anticipation was killer. 30 seconds. I pulled down my microphone on my headphones and turned it on. I could hear everyone else do the same, and Kayla stuggling to do so. 5 more seconds, "Ya'll all ready?" I called through the headphones. It was noon, and all hell was about to break loose.

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