A Lone Ringer

Chapter 1

That's me!

I was just sitting here with The Hobbit next to me, and playing the Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack and on the verge of crying my eyes out because of all the emotional things that happen in the Lord of the Rings...Usually, I'll think of myself as alone in this world. I'm the only Ringer in my family, I love music and singing dearly along with songwriting I often spend time in a room alone, away from my family. But sitting here, listening to the soundtrack of The Fellowship of the Ring, thinking of Frodo and Sam, Merry and Pippin...I've come to realize that I'm not alone.
You see, my first love was Frodo. He is still my love. The first friends I had were the Fellowship. And they never abandoned me. Even for a period of time when I almost grew out of LOTR and got really into The Pirates of the Caribbean, and when I thought LOTR was for nerds and I thought I was much too cool for the Lord of the Rings, the Fellowship was still with me. Thankfully, I learned that I was never as cool as I had thought to begin with, and that I will never be able to escape this realm of Middle-Earth in which I had entered twelve years ago, at the young age of four. I know now, that I will never be able to untie my bonds from the story of Frodo and the rest of the Fellowship and everyone else in Middle-Earth. I'd managed to loosen them between the ages of nine and twelve, but then I tightened them myself. Middle-Earth is always there for me to escape to, if I really need an escape from this world. And the beloved characters which I will never tire of reading about, have always been with me, and they always will be.
So, I think that, as long as I have the Fellowship, I will never be alone. I will never be a lone Ringer, as long as I have them.


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