Born And Bred; Brave (An Original Story)

I just figured I should post something!
Please tell me what you think!
I had a burst of inspiration :)

Chapter 1


Jackson's converse covered foot crunched over the fallen leaves as he took a step toward his destination. He could smell the trees sap that surrounded him as he walked down the parks gravel path in the dark. He could smell the squirrels that scurried away as soon as they met eye to eye. He could smell the blood, that scorched his nose all the way down to his stomach.

He was only a few yards from where he would find it. The body. Every bone in his body told him to stop, to go back from where he was at that very moment, but he needed to know. He had to confirm. Were they after him? He reluctantly set foot in the dark forbidden alleyway. Rats scrambled out from the trash and ran right past him. The blood was getting stronger. He stopped.

Glowing eyes beamed up at him and it snarled as it leaned over the girls body. Before he could run he was slammed up against the wall. The face grew closer. He could only see half of it. A young adult boy frozen at this age forever. Grievance in his eyes. They weren't after him, at least not for now. The boy snarled once more.

"Let me go." Jackson managed as the vampire threatened to crush his windpipe. With reluctance the vampire let go and dropped him to the disgusting gravel beneath him.

"Who are you, and why did you come?" The boy asked, fear in his voice.

"I'm Jackson Demco, I don't mean any harm. I-I just wanted to see..."

"If they were after you?" His glowing crystal eyes narrowed.

"Yes." Jackson confirmed. The boy let out a low chuckle.

"Well they're after me, so you better leave." His face fell.

"Who are you."

"Mason, Mason Linik."

The moon had risen to it's max height and it shined down on Mason. Pale smooth skin, hardly a flaw to be found. Except the fear in his eyes. Every magical creature had everything to fear. If you were found, you were dead. Even the fairy's, the most gentlest of creatures. The mermaids were near extinct because of the epidemic, and you were lucky to come in contact with a dwarf. It was said to be good luck if you did. Jackson pondered a thought for a while as he searched Mason's face.

"Come with me." He finally said. He didn't know much, but he did know you're better in a pack. If you could call it that.

"I can't." Mason's eyes lingered on the girl.

"Throw her out, and let's go." Jackson said, if he was right there was no time to spare. Mason rolled his eyes and stood the girl up, her violet eyes flickered.

"Mason." She muttered sinking in his arms. He smirked and threw her over his shoulders.

"Cmon wolf boy, we don't have much time." Mason flitted away with the girl on his shoulders leaving Jackson by himself. After a painful few seconds his eyes glowed yellow and he was off running, after all four legs was better than two.

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