Meldamiriel (Mehl-dah-meer-ee-ell)

A LOTR Fanfic: Larkspur Louisa Brandybuck was a wanderer. She dreamed of going on adventures to find out about her real family. The truth was, she wasn't really a Brandybuck, and Merry wasn't really her brother. Will all of her dreams of adventure come true when she meets the mysterious Frodo Baggins, or will she get more than she bargined for? - I do not own the story of LOTR. All credit goes to Tolkien. This is just my fictional version of the story. Please comment. Complete.

Chapter 3

On My Birthday, My True Love Gave to Me: One Golden Ring

Frodo leaped off of the bench like he had been shocked and bolted off calling: "Bilbo?! Bilbo?!" like he was looking for a lost puppy. He ran up the path to Bag-End with me trailing swiftly behind.

Where had Bilbo gone? How did he just disappear into thin air? Would that be the last time I ever saw him? I prayed not.

Frodo burst through the green door of Bag-End, still calling Bilbo's name. Then something at his feet caught he eye. He bent down and gingerly picked it up. It was a ring set in gold with a haunting power that Gandalf had told us about. This was the One Ring of Sauron. Bilbo had found it years ago when he met Gollum.

I stared at it, placed in Frodo's palm. It called to me. "Larkspur? Larkspur?' it whispered. I snarled at it. I wanted it. I had to make Frodo give it to me.

Just as I was going to snatch it from Frodo's grasp, he stuffed it out of sight into his pocket. I relaxed. I realized what would have happened if Frodo hadn't of stuffed it away.

I bowed my head, ashamed. I hated that the Ring took control of everybody, especially me. I felt weak against its power over me. It taunted my thoughts.

All of a sudden, Gandalf cleared his throat across the room which shook me from my thoughts. He scowled and muttered, "Precious," as he smoked his pipe.

Frodo spoke sullenly, "He's gone to stay with the Elves. Hasn't he, Gandalf? And he's left me with the Ring?" He glanced down and frowned at his feet. In the firelight I could see many lines on poor Frodo's face. He had aged about ten years since he walked into Bag-End. It was the first time I had ever seen age on his young, laughing face.

Gandalf stood very quickly and turned to Frodo. "Yes, my dear Frodo. And I need you to leave with it I'm afraid, my lad. 'They' know it's here. We're not safe."

I gasped. Frodo paled. "No! How?! 'They' can't know it's here! No one knows it's here, except us!" I assured him.

Gandalf straightened up. "No, there was one other that knew of Bilbo's possession of the Ring."

"Gollum," Frodo said distantly, and Gandalf nodded.

Anger for the little creature rushed over me. "That lying little twisted, foul wretch! But Gandalf, what must we do? Where must we take it?" I asked.

"You must take it to Rivendell. I will meet you in Bree. I've got some questions I need answered," he explained as he pushed us along. "Go ahead, and start packing. You've got a long..," he cut off, short.

There was a rustling in the bushes outside. "Get down!" Gandalf whispered and stuck his arm out of the window, groping in the bushes. Frodo and I hid behind a counter.

Gandalf pulled in a hobbit from the flower bushes, through the window, and onto the kitchen table. "Samwise Gamgee, have you been eavesdropping?!" he scolded.

Flustered, Sam answered, "I haven't been dropping no eaves, sir, Although, I did hear something about a ring and it not being safe here and Gollum. But please, Mr. Gandalf, don't turn me into anything unnatural."

Frodo and I rose and smirked at Sam; as did Gandalf. Gandalf sighed, relieved, "No Sam, I won't, but you will have to go with Larkspur and Frodo on their quest as punishment."

"Oh," Sam nodded. "With honor, Gandalf, sir."

Gandalf turned back to Frodo and I. "There isn't a moment to spare. As soon as you're packed and ready, leave, and go as fast as you possibly can. Stay out of sight. Keep it secret!" he whispered. "Keep it safe!" And with that he left the hobbit-hole with the door slamming behind him.

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