Meldamiriel (Mehl-dah-meer-ee-ell)

A LOTR Fanfic: Larkspur Louisa Brandybuck was a wanderer. She dreamed of going on adventures to find out about her real family. The truth was, she wasn't really a Brandybuck, and Merry wasn't really her brother. Will all of her dreams of adventure come true when she meets the mysterious Frodo Baggins, or will she get more than she bargined for? - I do not own the story of LOTR. All credit goes to Tolkien. This is just my fictional version of the story. Please comment. Complete.

Chapter 2

He Disappeared Into the Smaug

It was September 22nd: Bilbo's 111th birthday. The sun was just still barely glistening over the peaks of the mountains in the West, but the fields of Hobbiton were still busy with people dancing, singing, talking, and eating. Almost everyone was invited to the party.

I sat upon a wooden bench, the mid-summer air sitting moist on the back of my neck; I surveyed the party: Pippin and Merry were off making mischief as usual. Bilbo was telling young hobbits the stories of his holiday. Gandalf, the wandering wizard--who was one of Bilbo’s companions on his journey to Lonely Mountain--was busy bustling about, lighting fireworks. Samwise Gamgee was sitting next to me eying a pretty hobbit named Rosie. I was grinning ear to ear as I watched the dark-haired hobbit in front of me laugh and dance in time to the music. It was Frodo. Oh yes, it was his birthday as well.

It seemed ages ago that I met that mysterious, young hobbit under the tree. He hadn't changed a bit. He says I haven't changed either, but I know I have gained more incredible knowledge since then: I grew to know the greatest adventures of Bilbo Baggins, met Samwise Gamgee--Frodo’s gardener--and even became more acquainted with Merry. All of this was because of Frodo. How could one person change your life so much?

Frodo motioned for me to join him, laughing. I shook my head "no", a grin still bursting through on my face, raised my mug of punch to him, and took a swig.

"Come on, Larks!" he whined, playfully and pulled me off the bench by my wrists.

I blushed nervously as I started to bob around with the music. I gazed up at Frodo’s laughing eyes and relaxed. "There you go!" he encouraged. He grinned at me, and my stomach did a flip. I giggled and smiled back at his kind face.

I was just getting used to dancing with him when a roar of heat and light passed overhead. I was yanked down to the wet ground by a gentle arm. Whoever it was, pinned me to the ground with their arm around me, protecting me from the flame.

I gazed up in wonder at the dragon firework. My mouth opened in awe, I watched as it flew into the distance, and then exploded into a gigantic firework.
I glanced at my protector. It was Frodo. "Thanks," I shyly said as he pulled me to my feet. Then my excitment overcame me: "Did you see that?! It was Smaug! Oh, it was amazing. Gandalf has really outdone himself!" I exclaimed.

"Yes, he has," Frodo chuckled. "It would have been even more amazing if it was the real Smaug, though." His eyes grew distant for a moment, but then came back to life when Bilbo stood, ready to perform a speech.

Frodo and I sat on a bench as he began. He rambled along about how he had been around for a long time, and he knew most of us less than we deserved (I think? It was a very complex statement that he made, and I had difficulty decifering it). But then he did something peculiar: He felt around in his pocket and said he was leaving. I cocked my head to the side, and my brows crinkled together. "I'm going now," Bilbo said and winked at Frodo. "I bid you all a very fond farewell."

"What?" said Frodo confused. And with that, Bilbo vanished into thin air.

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