We Are The Gods (Original Group Story)

The story of 12 special teenagers that all stumble upon a closed orphanage.

Authors Place: http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/i7UXnha/We-Are-The-Gods-Authors-Place

Chapter 1


My Character:
Name: Ameera (no last name)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
God(dess) they represent: Hades
Personality: stern, dark, cold, loyal, quiet
Looks: Long black hair w/ streaks of red, red eyes, short, pale.
Hobbies: secretly loves music & drawing
Class they teach: Doesn't, organizes everything (even though no one knows it)
How they get to the orphanage: She was always an orphan, that is until age 13. At that point she was adopted- the moment she thought was to be the best in her life. Though it wasn't until about a month later that she realized it was the exact opposite. That was when the abuse began, which didn't stop until she ran away on her 15 birthday. It took her an entire year, but soon she stumbled upon the orphanage. Here she meet "Zeus" & "Poseidon" (Place holders), and helped them start the orphanage.


God they represent: Hera
Name: Jane White
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: hyper, bubbly, falls in love easily, gets jealous easily
looks: deep brown hair, aqua blue eyes, pale skin, kinda short
Hobbies: playing piano, reading
Class they teach: Home Ec.
How they get to orphanage: mom died in car accident when she was 11, dad died of heart attach on her 16th birthday.

Written by: Rainbow_Faerie


God(dess) represented: Athena
Name: Autumn Faith
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Personality: Wise, smart, pretty, short tempered but nice, bold
Looks: She is African-American, with this really long dark brown curly hair. She has one purely white birthmark streak, She wears contacts. She has a prosthetic hand, but you can't tell, she built it herself, tall. Brown eyes
Hobbies: dance and music and fighting
Class taught- Any academic class, and classes about fighting and computers
Getting to orphanage: She was abandoned in a city park where she was picked up by some rich lady. The rich lady was obese and died leaving Autumn nothing. She used Autumn. Autumn was shipped off to boarding school, but she ran away, eventually meeting Ameera and " Zeus and Poseidon "

Written by: Jesuses_Special_Ballerina


God they represent: Hermes
Name: Ronnie Skyler
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Personality: Sly, intelligent, smart, great liar
Looks: Long brown hair with innocent blue eyes that can trick anybody XD
Hobbies: Lying, Studying
Class they teach: Gym?
How they get to the orphanage: Their parents divorced as she lived with her mother, unluckily, she passed away

Written by: Epic


God they represent: Hephaestus
Name: Edana
Age: 16
Gender: Girl
Personality: Fun, hard working, can be a bit stubborn
Looks: Bright red hair, amber eyes, tanned skin, tall
Hobbies: Making things, looking up random things on the internet
Class they teach: Metal/wood/other working
How they get to the orphanage: Parents disappeared without a trace when she was 10.

Written by: Snarky_Spectacles


God they represent: Demeter
Name: Destiny Rose
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: Compassionate, Kind, Smart, Helpful, Quiet, Stubborn, Honest, Optimistic
Looks: Black Wavy Hair, Warm Brown Eyes, Fair Skin, Tall, Slender
Hobbies: Gardening, Hanging Out With Friends, Writing
Class they teach: Biology?
How they get to the orphanage: Her mom died when when she was a baby and her dad wasn't ready to be a single parent so he dropped her off at the orphanage but she doesnt blame him

Written by: ClumsyMe527


God they represent: Apollo
Name: Embry Last name unknown
Age: Around 14 (Depending on what age Artemis is meant to be)
Gender: Male
Personality: A slightly socially awkward, misunderstood boy. He is caring and empathic but he tends to distance himself from people other than his sister, who he tends to be protective of since she is his only family. He often gets visions of the future but he gave up trying to tell people about it since they'd laugh and call him crazy.
Looks: Stylish blond hair, well groomed, good looking, fairly tall but not incredibly muscular,
Hobbies: He enjoys music and many forms of art.
Class they teach: Music or the arts.
How they get to the orphanage: Found on the doorstep after being left there when he was 10.

Written by: HetaliaFinland


God they represent: Aphrodite
Name: Rose Costa
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Nice, can be kind of stubborn, sweet
Looks: Beautiful, wavy brown hair, blue eyes, perfect tan, medium height, slim
Hobbies: Reading romance novels, fashion-designing
Class they teach: Drama
How they get to the orphanage: Parents died when she was 8. Went to live with her uncle. Uncle died when she was 15.

Written by: Writer4Life


God they represent: Artemis
Name: Alexandra Moon
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Personality: Intelligent, Caring, Alone, Quiet, Shy, Stubborn, Generous
Looks: Long, Straight Blonde Hair, Bright Green Eyes, Slender, 5' 4"
Hobbies: Archery, Gymnastics, Hunting
Class they teach: Archery
How they get to the orphanage: Her mother died at birth, her dad was so depressed, he dropped her off at the orphanage when she was 4

Written by: True_Ravenclaw_Faith


God they represent: Zeus
Name: Justin
Personality: powerful, leading, and stern
Looks: Not very muscular with medium black hair medium height, Blue eyes
Hobbies: Making it rain and throwing thunderbolts
Class they teach: Weather classes
How they get to the orphanage: His parents sent him there because they weren't ready to take care of a child so they took him to the orphanage.

Written by: bluedog1398


Name: Selena (has no last name
Age: 15
Gender: Female
God(dess) they represent: Hestia
Personality: Warm and loving though she can mean
Looks: Long and sort of curly brown hair and warm brown eyes
Hobbies: Singing and playing with dolls
Class they teach: Counselor
How they get to the orphanage: She was abandoned at birth since no one wanted her. She was adopted at one point but was taken back since everyone thought she was a freak.

Written by: Tiny_Ravenclaw


Name: Cadis
God: Poseidon
Gender: Female
Personality: Doesn't like to be ignored, kind, can get a little angry when pushed
Looks: Medium/long dark brown hair, blue/green eyes
Hobbies: swimming, anything to do with water
Class they teach: swimming(duh)
How they got to orphanage: was on a boat with family at age 2 when a storm came and pushed over the boat and all passengers. She was the only surviver and was sent to the orphanage immediately.

Written by: LoveVolleyball4Ever


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