OC Repost

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Chapter 1


1)Pick 2-5 characters that are new
2) Don't change the questions
3) Let your OC's answer, not you (roleplay it if you wish)
4) Tag 2-5 people to do the meme (if you want)
5)Have fun!

1.Crimson (Creatures of the Night)
2. Alia (Soul Eater fan-fic)
3. (optional)
4. (optional)
5. (optional)


1. Welcome to the world of OC's! Now, who are you (name, gender), how old are you and what species are you?

Alia: I am the GREATEST, BESTEST, MOST AWESOMEST Alia Yamamoto!! I'm a human-weapon, half-way to becoming a death scythe!

Crimson: Crimson Night, I'm just a normal human.

2. Describe how you look like now!

Alia: Just plain sexy.

Crimson: I look like an average red-head, I guess.

3. Good good! Now lets see, why do you think you were created? What do you think your creators inspiration was for you?

Alia: My creator is a ginormous Soul Eater fans and I'm just one of the people she imagines being at the DWMA.

Crimson: I think she likes a lot of supernatural creatures..

4. Oh I understand! So are you looking for a relationship?

Alia: I guess, but not really..

Crimson: Not at all. There are some weird guys at my school.

5. Interesting...So what is your purpose as a character in this world?

Alia: I'm there to be better then everyone else.

Crimson: I have no clue. I'm just there.

6. Awesome! Now how would you describe yourself?

Alia: A is for Amazing. L is for lovely. I is for invincible. A is for Awesome.

Crimson: I guess I'm pretty cool

7. Now how would your friends describe you?

Alia: People say I'm crazy..

Crimson: Everyone thinks I'm "different"

8. Do you have any abilities?

Alia: I have super-cool elemental powers and I'm a strong weapon

Crimson: Everyone says I have the speed of a vampire

9. Okay, so hate anyone or a certain thing?

Alia: I really hate kishins.

Crimson: I don't really have anything to hate anything

10. Mh, enough of hate, how about love? Do you love anyone or something...Maybe some sort of fetish?

Alia: I don't love anything...or anyone

Crimson: No love for me

11. Enough teasing you now! So tell us what you thought of this meme, is it your first?

Alia: I was alright..

Crimson: Sure.. it was fun

12. Alright it is done now! You can tag if you want to.


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