You are my life and love a louis tomlinson love story

This is my first story
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Enjoy :)

Chapter 2

A Couple of monthes later

We were going to the US for a tour. I now knew all the 5 members quite well and was always hanging out with Louis and Harry. Louis and I were always great friends and nothing more, but this year something changed and now I could feel my heart practically beating out of my chest when we were around each other. I took my bags and headed down to the cab. On the plane, I took a seat and was shocked when Louis came over and sat next to me. "I guess you'll be stuck with me for 11 hours then," I grinned and turned the other side so Louis couldn’t see me blush. I finally turned around, grinning. Louis grinned too. "Well, you're happy" I blushed a bit and said back, "Just thinking about something..." He looked at me and nudged at my shoulder, "Something or someone?" he teased. I admitted, "'s complicated." He grimaced and replied, "Do I know this someone?" I looked down so he wouldn't see my pink cheeks. Then he slowly turned to me and said, "Is he in the band?" as we took off. I took a deep breath; this was going to be a long ride. I turned to him and said, "Yes, he's in the band." He looked down in sadness and didn't look me in the eyes, "Do you really like this guy?" I looked through the window, face getting hot again. "Yes, yes I do." He looked away with tears in his eyes; I wondered what was wrong. We landed and went to our hotel. Louis's room and my room were at opposite ends of the hallway, so I said bye and headed to my room. Harry's room was right next to mine. I entered my room and afterword I heard a knock on the door. I saw Harry, so I went and opened the door." Uh Hi Veronica, C-Can I ask you something?" He stammered. "Of course Harry." I smiled and let him in. He sat down on my couch and I sat down next to him. He took my hands in his and...........

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