We Are The Gods Authors Read Ch. 3

Chapter 1

Characters we need: Poseidon

OK, I have this story called "We Are the Gods", but I would like to re-do it as a group story!

The plot is about 13 kids that are selected and sent to this "orphanage", each of the kids represent a different Greek God. At the orphanage each kid teaches a "class" (ex. Poseidon: swimming.) The kids can't leave the orphanage, because they are going through the process of become partially immortal. Once all the kids become immortal they will look and act exactly like "their" god, and will become the right hand servent of the gods. They children change once every 50 years- but this year the kids are a bit more rebellious....


List of Characters (Zeus is the 1st to arrive, Poseidon then 2nd, then Hades. The rest can be in any order.)
• Zeus
• Poseidon
• Hades (My character)
• Hestia
• Hera
• Athena
• Apollo
• Artemis
• Hephaestus
• Ares
• Aphrodite
• Hermes
• Demeter

*Apollo & Artemis are twins that were separated at birth*

Age: (no less than 10. Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Hera, Hestia, & Demeter should be on the older side)
God they represent:
Class they teach:
How they get to the orphanage:

NOTE: everything that is in bold should be at least partially related to the God(dess) they represent.

This is not first come first serve. I will be making my decision based on the character and also how you wrote 'how they got to the orphanage'.

My Character:
Name: Ameera (no last name)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
God(dess) they represent: Hades
Personality: stern, dark, cold, loyal, quiet
Looks: Long black hair w/ streaks of red, red eyes, short, pale.
Hobbies: secretly loves music & drawing
Class they teach: Doesn't, organizes everything (even though no one knows it)
How they get to the orphanage: She was always an orphan, that is until age 13. At that point she was adopted- the moment she thought was to be the best in her life. Though it wasn't until about a month later that she realized it was the exact opposite. That was when the abuse began, which didn't stop until she ran away on her 15 birthday. It took her an entire year, but soon she stumbled upon the orphanage. Here she meet "Zeus" & "Poseidon" (Place holders), and helped them start the orphanage.

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