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Chapter 2

Characters I Picked:


My Character:
Full Name: Emily Rae Wood
Nickname/s; Em.
Personality;Funny,sarcastic,smart enough,can be annoying.
Appearance:Short,light-brown hair,brown eyes,average height.
Family:Father,Oliver Wood,Mother,Wendy Higgs(Muggle,died when Riley was born),brothers,Pete,a former Slytherin(19),and Luke,Gryffindor(17)
Quidditch Position(if any):Keeper
Wand;9 and 3 quarter inches,Maple,Dragon Heatstring.
Pet(if any):Grey tabby cat,Simon.
Favourite Subject:Transfiguration.
Least Favourite Subject:Herbology,but she likes Prof.Longbottom.
Love Interest(if any):Louis Weasley.
Other;She is very good at Transfiguration,so her father pushes her to become an Animagus.

Full Name: Sami Ivy Rose Finnigan
Nickname/s; Sam, Ives, Rosie
Gender: Female
Personality; Optimistic, Clumsy, Funny, Quiet, Stubborn, Caring, Compassionate, Modest, Brave, Smart, Short Tempered
Appearance: Long Wavy Brown Hair, Freckles, Brown eyes, Fair Skin, Messy Attire when tired "Resembles her dad"
Blood-Status; Half
Family: Seamus is her dad, mom left them when she was 5,twin,Grace Sandra Finnigan.
House: Gryffindor
Quidditch Position(if any): Commentator but stand in Chaser when needed
Wand: 11 inch Unicorn Hair, Holly
Patronus: Dolphin
Pet(if any): A White owl with gold and red flecks named Estrella
Favourite Subject: Charms
Least Favourite Subject: Potions
Love Interest(if any): Fred Weasley II
Other; Fred is her best guy friend and she has been crushing on him since year 3.Hates to admit though. Loves joking around and hanging by the black lake with her friends.

Hollowoz/ True_Ravenclaw_Faith;
Full Name: Grace Sandra Finnigan
Nicknames: Sandra, Gracie
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Personality: Intelligent, Kind, Generous, Quiet, Shy, Stubborn, Caring
Appearance: Waist Length, Wavy, Light Blonde Hair, Hazel Eyes, Slender, 5' 2", "A younger girl version of Seamus", Pale Skin
Blood-Status: Pure Blood
Family: Seamus (Father), Doesn't Know Her Mother, Twin,Sami Ivy Rose Finnigan.
House: Ravenclaw
Quidditch Position: Chaser
Wand: Cherry, Unicorn Hair, 13"
Patronus: Elephant
Pet (if any): Black Owl named NightSky
Favourite Subject: Charms
Least Favourite Subject: Potions
Love Interest: James Sirius Potter
Other: She is Ravenclaw's best Chaser.

Full Name: Aphrodite Davon
Nickname/s; Ro
Gender: Female
Personality; She's so advanced in sarcasm, sometimes people think she's stupid. Her favourite thing to do is antagonising the Hufflepuffs, but she generally gets along with Gryffindors and Ravenclaws, despite her house. The Slytherins don't know what to think. She's cunning and witty and smart. But she does have a short temper and often looses it.
Appearance: http://www.quibblo.com/user/STOPKONY/photoalbum/2131034?page=8&per_page=9
Blood-Status; Half-blood
Family: Her mum's a Pureblood, but her Dad's a Muggle. She has no brothers or sisters, and as her mum was disowned when she fell in love with a Muggle and her Dad was an only child, she doesn't know anyone else from her family.
House: Slytherin
Quidditch Position(if any): Beater
Wand; 13 and three quarter inches, holly, dragon heartstring, flexible.
Patronus: Wolf
Pet(if any): She has a cat, but likes to turn it into a monkey.
Favourite Subject: Potions, weirdly enough.
Least Favourite Subject: Transfiguration....
Love Interest(if any): She switches her affections like a little lost puppy!!
Other; She's one of those people who's friends with most people but doesn't have a best friend. Because of this she gets pretty lonely sometimes and bottles up her feelings, which makes her prone to being snappy and irritable.

Full Name: Cassia Jean Malfoy
Nickname/s: Cassie
Gender: female
Personality: funny, loud, obnoxious, crazy, never lets anyone know she's hurting inside
Appearance: http://www.polyvore.com/teresa_palmer_wallpaper_resolution_1280x1024/thing?id=77229753
Blood-Status: Pureblood
Family: Draco Malfoy- father, Astoria Greengrass- mother, twin brother Scorpius who is the complete opposite of her- sullen, rude, stuck-up
House: Ravenclaw
Quidditch: Seeker like her dad
Wand: 9 1/4 inches, holly with phoenix feather
Patronus: otter
Pet: big red cat named Chester
Favourite Subject: CoMC
Least Favourite Subject: Divination
Love: none at the moment

Full Name: Isis Marie Longbottom
Nickname/s; Isis
Gender: Female
Personality; Smart, Shy, timid, caring, brave, adventurous
Appearance: Light brown hair, blue eyes, 5'5, tan skin
Blood-Status; Pureblood
Family: Neville:father, little brother, 1st year, named William. (Nickname Lee.)
House: Gryffindor
Quidditch Position: Chaser
Wand: 9½ inch, Ash and phoenix feather
Patronus; Turtle
Pet(if any): Duck named Crumbs, cat named Tex.
Favourite Subject: Defense.Against the Dark Arts
Least Favourite Subject: Potions, even if she is fantastic at it.
Love Interest(if any): TBA
Other; Her mother died of childbirth of William.
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